Meanwhile, in Sweden…

It’s no secret I love winter and hate summer. The people at my office have declared me a vampire on more than one occasion; give me cold, dark days and lots of snow over cancer-causing sun beams and sweat. While enjoying a nice bbq over the weekend at my brother’s house, I ended up with 11 bites mosquito around my ankles and feet, even after spraying a ton of bug spray on myself. I really prefer snow. I love winter. And I love Google Earth. When the two collide, I end up in northern Sweden, wishing I could beam myself there.




I will live here, please and thank you.


Especially because the neighborhood is inhabited by adorable, tiny Swedish children pulling sleds.


Google Earth is full of magical little quirks, including this portion of lake Torneträsk at the tippy top of Sweden’s border, where you can WALK ON WATER. Apparently the whole lake freezes over in the winter, making it a giant, plush field of snow bordered by rolling hills.



I “spun” around and caught sight of this creepy stranger on a snow mobile, trailing me. Don’t think I didn’t have four consecutive heart attacks upon seeing this. It’s something straight out of a Jo Nesbø thriller.

What about you? Are you over summer like me?

15 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in Sweden…

  1. Nope, I’m hanging desperately on to what’s left of Summer like it won’t return ever again (probably won’t here in the UK). The Aussie climate is what I’m dreaming of at the mo as I’m on the big comedown. Glad to be home and catching up here again though x

  2. LOL talk about creepy snowmobile!

    I have to admit, the north is beautiful but you’ve got to remember that in the summer it’s got 24 hour sunshine (sun literally doesn’t set!!) and the photos must have been taken during the 2 hours worth of daylight in the winter :) it’s not for the faint hearted that’s for sure!

    I love and miss Sweden terribly; the outdoor lifestyle is amazing, going I to work on the Friday morning with your weekend bag is fab, knowing that when you leave you take a (possibly) 2hr commute and you’re in the middle of the archipelago, no sound pollution, no light pollution, just you and some friends, and wine. Heaven!

  3. Oh sign me up! I love each and every one of these pictures. I’m going to assume that guy is bringing us hot toddies, yes?

    I always assume I’d love snow as much as I do now, when I get it infrequently, if it were ALWAYS around me…But there is that niggling fear that the fact that there’s only like half an hour of sunlight might get to me after awhile. But those landscapes? So stunning. Lovelovelove.

  4. I’m totally not over summer but I’m thinking about sitting on top of a white capped mountain with some skis strapped to my feet in a few months… bring it on winter!

  5. i am opposite snow makes me cry. i mean i love snow as long as it’s right outside of my house and i come back in and warm up. i love the quiet of snow – that has to be one of the most beautiful things in the world. and the absolute beauty of snow. but two things make me generally hate it – it’s cold and i very much dislike being cold, and also, you could never run and hide because you always leave footprints behind. i have always found this unsettling.

  6. i took my boyfriend to the ice hotel in sweden for his 30th… i think you should go too… polar bear heaven (without the polar bears!) :)

  7. I’m with you, I’m a fall and winter girl. (Have you noticed that the fall collections have already arrived in the stores and all the magazines have fall inspired editorials? Pretty exciting stuff. ;) Though, I have to admit, I am holding on to the last bits of summer only because my son will officially start kindergarten in a couple of weeks and reaching this milestone is making me a little sad.
    PS~One of my two favorite sounds is the crunch of snow underfoot or a pine branch breaking in the distance from the weight of too much snow.

  8. My favorite season is fall and I like winter when it’s fluffy snow. Here winter is very rainy and maybe some freezing rain, but I love escaping to the mountains where there lots of beautiful piles of snows and the tree smell in the winter time is pretty amazing too!

  9. Erin, I am just going to pretend that I didn’t just read the words “hate” and “summer” in the same sentence *shudder*. Has anyone told you that London might just be your perfect home town then? 2 hours away from Paris, endless cold, grey and rainy days, no need for aircon? As much as I hate to admit it (because I love summer) I can see why you love winter so much. I saw snow for the very first time when I moved to London and I fell in love with it. I still get excited about it and run outside to play in it. Loved the imagery of you “spinning” around to face down that creepy snow mobile dude!

  10. I haven’t had enough summer yet although I do hate heatwaves and I love autumn. I share your passion for Sweden though, and other Scandi countries, the TV dramas, great children books and lovely tradition as well as all sort of great clothing brands and excellent design. I think I could live in Denmark.

  11. Brrr, the photos make me cold. I am not ready to give up on summer just yet especially this one because it hasn’t been too hot, except for the one heatwave we had. My favorite season is fall but it also seems to be the shortest ;) xo

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