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Just a few photographs from Paris I, for whatever reason, didn’t share with you back in March. It’s safe to say I’m busy cobbling together a teleporter and pining extra hard for my city. It’s been almost six months, surely it’s time to go back again, right?

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    1. This is why I always gain weight in Paris. Every single street is filled with shops displaying things like this. And I give in every time! xo

    1. Thank you, twinsy!! I was going through some folders on my computer and ended up looking through every. single. shot I took in Paris this past trip. I think I spared you all because if I picked all the photos I wanted to, I would have surely overwhelmed you! xo

  1. I LOVE these photos. Why don’t you ever post albums to FB or even a photo sharing website? I would totally check them all out!

    1. Thanks, doll! I’m wary of posting things to the internet as it is, even on my own blog with a watermark, so posting them to FB (where the copyright rules aren’t favorable–basically, they own everything you upload) isn’t my cup of tea. For now I guess you’ll have to check here, hah! xo

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