Doctor Pug

File this under “Happiest Thing Ever,” cross-filed under, “Laughed So Hard I Cried.”


You guys. I need to introduce you to Doctor Pug, perhaps the best fake twitter account to come into fruition ever. Wait, I’m lying. It is THE BEST twitter account and it’s 100% real, run by a pug who happens to be a doctor. Obviously.


I had a pug for a few years, and he was the most magnificently chubby and lazy dog to ever walk to face of the earth. He was only interested in food and naps. His name was Potato, and I’m pretty sure he went to med school in the past few years and is now doling out hilarious sorry, totally serious medical advice. Such as:




Please go follow him on twitter to make your days infinitely better. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go burp a lil burp, put on some pants, and install a doggie door for Dr. Pug.

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August 22, 2013 / life / dog / random / LEAVE A COMMENT / 12


  • Oh god, I love this. Just what I needed to see these days. I’ve been following @dogsdoingthings (Dogs Imitating Life, Courting Death) which is much more esoteric and has fewer hugs but still gives me laughs. This will be much more straight-up fun!

    We have a pug next door who never ceases to crack me up. Charlie. The have a measure of personality and more, don’t they?

  • That’s mental, very funny. I’m off to follow the Pugster x

  • Brilliant. Love this.

  • This is exactly the pugscription I needed for a Thursday – thank you Erin

  • Awww so cute – thanks for sharing this. I follow more dogs (mainly bullies) on twitter than people.
    My instagram feed is slowly getting more and more full of bulldog pics too….

  • seriously!!? this is too amazing

  • OMG. Totally laughed out loud! Just what I needed this morning.

  • ha that is hilarious! i think i need an alter ego like this ;)

  • this is adorable. i briefly saw this post pop up in my inbox (that’s how i follow you these days since i’m still adjusting to adult life) and i had so many imaginative things around my head until i read the whole post. doctor pug is adorable and definitely put smiles on my face.

  • Brilliant! Made me laugh so much, what a pug! x

  • Yessss Doctor Pug has a new follower! Hilarious!

  • haha, so amazing :)