Crystallized Books

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Artist Alexis Arnold turns books into dazzling crystallized sculptures. She says they create a “commentary on the peril of the printed book,” and that the “crystals remove the text and transform the books into aesthetic, non-functional objects, leaving the stories to remain as memories.” Okay, but to me they look like rock candy, which means my usual appetite for books has taken on a whole new dimension.

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August 8, 2013 / art / photo / LEAVE A COMMENT / 11


  • Oh wow that looks like it should take a thousand years to look like that. A bit like the lichen I’m trying to grow on my Chinese dog which is taking forever. glad you’re back fighting fit sweetie xx

  • They look utterly beautiful (and almost sugar encrusted, which is kind of making me hungry???)

  • Wow! They’re stunning! Just gorgeous. They’d make pretty bookends on a library shelf, I wager. And yes, rock candy, thumbs up! Hope you’re smiling some today…XOXO

  • what a stunning little find you found. these are just so beautiful. couldn’t do that with a kindle now could ya? (in my mind i gather images to use in my public service announcement i am going to make when i am a bajillionaire about reading paper books – i’ll use this. no i won’t because none of that will ever happen. but it’s fun to pretend).

  • rock candy shaped like books – that does sound good. too bad we can’t eat these!

  • This is such an interesting concept! And I totally have a craving for rock candy now – ha!

  • … but then you can’t read them anymore (?)

  • You know those quartz and crystal objects (for the home) that are all the rage right now? This version is so much better! ;)

  • Hm.

    These remind me of the fake glitter snow on Christmas decorations.

    As objects, meh. As candy…YES PLEASE. Gives new meaning to the phrase “devour a book”. HRRRRRRNG wah-wahhhhhhh.

  • You always manage to find the coolest stuff Erin! Is it weird that I have a sudden urge to lick these? Or at the very least here the crunch of the pages trying to turn?

  • They are beautiful! So imperfectly perfect.