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This apartment, for sale through Feau Paris for a hefty €3.5 million, is just begging me to move in. No, it’s taunting me, with its fantastic herringbone floors and gorgeous crown moldings. That bedroom! Did anyone else spot the antique stained glass window in the hallway off the dining room? Why don’t they make houses with details like that anymore? This apartment is in the 7eme, near the Champs de Mars and the Eiffel Tower. Because it wasn’t perfect enough already, let’s add its proximity to Paris’s most iconic landmark to the list, oui?

I’ve been reading a book on the renovation of Paris in the late 1800s, titled “Paris Reborn” by Stephane Kirkland. It’s a great non-fiction follow-up to the historical fiction I read earlier in the year, “Haussmann, Or the Distinction.” I adored that book beyond words, as I’m unsurprisingly fascination with the Haussmann era of Paris. “Paris Reborn” shifts the majority of the credit from Haussmann to Napoleon III, who really set things in motion with his rule over the city (and that whole story, how he imprisoned an entire government and turned the city into his empire, is so bizarre and interesting). It’s a wonderfully written book, and not at all stuffy or dry for an historical non-fiction. And there are photographs showing what the city looked like before and after full neighborhoods were demolished to make room for the grand boulevards and zinc-roofed buildings everyone is familiar with when they think of Paris. If you need a good book recommendation, look no further.

20 thoughts on “A Monochrome Apartment in Paris

  1. how gorgeous. yes, i will move in as well. it’s absolutely perfect! much different than the house i posted today, eh? this is more my style for sure – i just like the way other people live and put things together in cheerful ways. but this would be more my speed. and that second bedroom, the really cozy looking one, the kids room maybe? it’s begging me to go back to sleep in there. xo

    1. I think it’s a kid’s room? The hot pink gummy bear light leads me to believe it is, but who knows. Maybe that’s a million euro art installation and I have no idea. It’s really rather mature for a kid’s room, overall. I love the cream color palate. Does that reinforce your initial decision to go with monochrome for M+L? xo

      1. haha, i love the art installation blip. yeah, yeah, i really have a monochromatic heart. actually i’d say i am 90% but there is 10% of me that wants to live inside a french flea market. which is why i need a cottage or a summer home somewhere :) xo

        1. Ohh, you and me both sister. I go back and forth between monochrome like this and vintage florals and wrinkled linen and dried lavender bunches and wicker baskets and gilded mirrors. So when I find the magic portal to living in a French Country flea market, I’ll bring you along with me! xo

  2. I could totally live there :)

    Im convinced that the French government must put something in the water over there because everything is so magical and amazing.

    1. Haha, I’m with you on that theory! The book I’m reading also gets into how Napoleon III brought a sewer system and clean drinking water to the city, so maybe the conspiracy dates all the way back to the 1880s? It would explain so much! xo

  3. Is that last bedroom a kid’s room? Because only Parisian kids could have a bedroom that chic and white and looking like THAT!

    1. I think so! It’s hard to tell because the only trace of kid’s stuff is that pink bear thingy, so maybe it’s a preteen who doesn’t want a lot of frou-frou toys? You’re right either way. Only French kids. xo

  4. I missed your art heist post from yesterday :( I will have to go back and catch up on the latest on the art world. I adore this apartment. Pretty much any apartment with herringbone wooden floors calls to me. I wish I was mastermind enough to pull off white on white. Alas, I’m not that good. I guess I’ll just leave it to the millionaires.

    1. This week’s art heist was kind of a downer (aren’t they all, though?). This apartment, on the other hand, more than makes up for it in its perfection. Let’s be roommates! xo

  5. I want want want herringbone floors like that and don’t even get me started on the beautiful stucco details on the ceiling. Also love the rectangle bathtub, we wanted one like that but turns out they cost about the same as what we spend on renovating two of our bathrooms ;)

    1. Are they really?? Whoa, I had no idea! I love the look of them, but I am not interested in bankrupting myself, haha. Now, I would gladly pay through the nose for ceiling moldings like that! Every penny I have! xo

  6. This apartment is calling me too. It’s so elegant, just how I’d imagine a Parisian flat to be. Love the period features and those large balcony doors. Beautiful flooring ( like the ones in my sister’s new house – not sure if you saw it on IG). Right! I need to start saving up and stop spending on small things. :) x

    1. I did! It looks like a castle from the pic you posted, if I’m right? Dark wood banister and wall panels? Stunning. I’m with you, though. Surely I could pinch my spending enough to buy a place like this, right? A girl can dream. xo

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