A Family Apartment in the 16eme








This apartment in the 16eme arrondissement of Paris is the same price as the one in Saint-Germain I shared earlier this week, at $2.5 million. Location is clearly everything, as this apartment is 1650ft², double the last apartment. It’s in a classic Haussmann building, has 3 bedrooms, two maid’s rooms, and just exudes that wonderful “lived in” family home vibe. I am in love with that ocean print in the master bedroom (along with all of the fluffy white bed linens), and that brightly colored reading nook.

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August 2, 2013 / design / Travel / LEAVE A COMMENT / 16


  • I like the blackboard! :D

    • Me too! I really want a chalkboard wall somewhere in my house! xo

  • The home has the most amazing walls ever!

    • Right?! Every single one is something different and amazing! xo

  • this is one of my favorite homes ever. those kids rooms just kill me every time. i think the one with the blackboard wall was what convinced me i definitely wanted to do that in m+l’s room. it just look so whimsical, something right out of a children’s book. xoxo

    • If you weren’t convinced before, allow me to encourage you even further! I bet it will look great AND they’ll just love it. xo

  • This looks like a very welcoming, lived in family home with so many interesting little details. I’m sure the children would love their rooms!

    • It looks so cozy and inviting. Lots of houses for sale can be too staged and sterile. Not this one! xo

  • I want to live here. It’s so so so so perfect.

    • You can have the master bedroom, I’ll take one of the kid’s rooms! xo

  • i absolutely love how homey this apartment feels! it looks so full of life, just from the photos. i cant imagine how lovely it must be in real life to be a visitor, a guest of the family for the weekend.

    • I bet being a weekend guest would come with delicious breakfast and tons of sunlight and lots of laughter. Oh, I can almost feel it! xo

  • I think this might be my favourite of the Paris apartments you have posted. The soft neutral colour scheme in the living room and bedroom is my idea of pure perfection.

    • Thank you! I found it right after I posted the one in Saint-Germain last week and knew I had to share it. xo

  • I love every inch of it! I have to confess that I’ve spent a bit of time (longer than I should have) studying each image as our home has similar features and I’m trying to figure out how I can create a similar – not carbon copy – look. (Need to pin for future reference.) I’ve also spent a bit of time catching up on things around here. I’m always worried that something catastrophic is going to happen when I’m gone for any length of time. (Gosh, I’m such a doomsdayer. ;) Seriously though, I’ve missed this space and (as always) it feels good to spend some time here. ps~I’m coveting an ocean print over our bed.

    • I would completely understand the need to carbon copy this home. And while you’re at it, can you jot down some tips for me, too? Because I am smitten! Don’t feel bad about not hanging around! If you aren’t on your own blog, there’s no need you should be keeping up with mine. I promise, anything catastrophic or awesome would make its way to you via email or twitter. Promise!! xo