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I’ve been thinking a lot about Paris recently (when am I not), but maybe that’s because I watched “Midnight in Paris” again on Saturday, for what I’m sure has to be the 150th time. Oh, that movie. Oh, that city! The soundtrack is particularly magical, too, and I think Jamal and I have decided to have everyone walk down the aisle to this song (ourselves included, since we are escorting each other down as a symbol of unity), “Parlez-moi d’Amour”:

I’d prefer it if someone could just play the entire soundtrack during the ceremony and cocktail hour, back to back with the “Amélie” soundtrack. Maybe I just need to hire an accordion player? If I could hire an accordion player to follow me around everywhere, that would be great.

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  1. I love this song but HATE that movie. Owen Wilson’s voice (ugh) and particularly his pronunciation of the word ‘Parisian’ drove me crazy.

    1. It definitely had a “Purrr” sound to the first syllable, you’re right. But especially in Woody Allen films I’m apt to forgive a lot of actors’ foibles, because you know Woody told him to play the annoying-ness up. Funny store, Jamal hates Owen WIlson too! He claims Owen was at the same bar as him and a couple buddies and he walked over to their table, took a slice of pizza, and left. I am skeptical as to the validity of this story ;)

  2. Ooo, i really like the idea of hiring an accordion player to follow me around. wouldn’t it be just lovely if there were always accordion music in the background when you left the house. i loooove the amelie soundtrack there are so many beautiful songs on there that would be lovely for a wedding atmosphere. that is literally the only cd i ever put on and has been for years now. it just always sounds like the best option. and it is ;)

    ps fisher said to me, completely out of the blue, the other day “i really like midnight in paris better than silver linings playbook.” xoxo

    1. It is without a doubt one of the best albums ever. You’re right, it is always the best choice; I find myself wanting to hear “A Quai” roughly 5 times a day ;) I think a shadow-accordion player scoring your daily life would be so much fun. Can you imagine what he would play if you were in a rush or missed your train or your grocery bag broke and all your groceries rolled onto the sidewalk?? It would be impossible to be in a bad mood!

      And that Fisher is TOTALLY your kid ;) xo

  3. oh my god I must watch this again! the only time i saw it was in theaters and its a movie i could watch 150 times too. i too love this soundtrack and the amelie soundtrack (i own both!). steven and i actually considered having our first dance be to the song “lets do it, lets fall in love” that is played on piano in this movie. but our favorite french song stole our hearts. have you ever listened to detektivbyran? it’s a swedish band with an accordion, piano, bells, and even a theremin! the melodies that they make are quite french sounding! if you like the amelie and midnight in paris soundtracks, i suggest you check out detektivbyran :) once i ordered a vinyl edition of one of their albums for stevens birthday and they sent it in a pizza box and signed it “happy birthday steven”. it was so cute!

    1. I’ll have to check out that band! Especially if they come so highly rated from you. The pizza box is enough to make me fall in love with them. I also considered that Cole Porter song, too, but I don’t think we’re doing a first dance (don’t yell!). Neither of us are big dances, and we’re skipping a lot of the “required traditions” so far. Oh well. I think both soundtracks will certainly make an appearance throughout the big day. xo

  4. I’m equally obsessed! In fact, you just planned my evening for me: a glass of red and the xxth viewing of Midnight in Paris! Merci :)

    1. I ADORE Cœur di Pirate! I blast “Adieu” all the time while I’m cleaning, it’s just so much fun. I’ll have to check out Melanie Gardot, as I’m always on the lookout for new French chanteuses. Thanks for the recommendations! xo

    1. It will steal your heart, without a doubt. You’ll be powerless to resist its charms! :) xo

    1. She is just too perfect for words. I sort of hate her for that, haha, but I love her nonetheless! Especially in MiP. xo

    1. The loveliest! I couldn’t pick a favorite between the movie & soundtrack, it wouldn’t be fair! xo

    1. I think we’re doing it! It’s 3 minutes long, which should be plenty of time for everyone to proceed down the aisle, right? xo

  5. You’re losing the plot woman! Other films about Paris are available! Have you see a bout de souffle? (sic, I know) I was thinking about it yesterday and it made me think of you. It’s a much better film that Midnight in Paris. I know, you’ve excommunicated me now xx

    1. Well DUH. It’s not like I think this is the first and only movie ever made, but as far as movies about idealistic authors falling in love with the creative greats of the 1920s in Paris, this one takes the cake. SO THERE. ;) xo

  6. It’s funny that I can see these photos and immediately hear accordion music! Neel could watch it over and over, but he’s like that about movies. I’m only like that about some movies (ahem, Oceans). He can also start movies 2/3 of the way through and be perfectly happy watching to the end even if he’s never seen them, and I certainly CAN’T do that.

    But I digress. Regarding the accordion player. I’m reminded of another post you wrote recently, on The West Wing. Leo thinks of hiring a violinist for his ill-fated anniversary, but everyone agrees that it would be cool for like half a second and then get awkward. ;)

    1. Yep, further proof that Neel and I are similar, I can do the exact same thing with movies. But not tv shows, unless it’s an episode of Law and Order I’ve already seen before. WHEN can we have our Oceans 11-13 marathon??

      Oh, Leo. That episode broke my heart. xo

  7. I have so many embarrassment of errors to confess to. I (still) have never seen the movie or heard the soundtrack! What’s wrong with me?! In college, all I seemed to watch was French films. (Have you seen the triology Blue, White, Red? Or City of Lost Children? Have I asked you these questions already?) These days, my movie repertoire includes lots of animation, if you know what I mean. I just know I would *love* Midnight in Paris, so I must remedy this situation stat. PS~The accordion player sounds like an excellent idea!

    1. You are lucky you are so gosh darn adorable otherwise I’d have to be angry with you! While I suppose it would be cheaper for me to send you my DVD copy of Midnight in Paris (I own it on DVD and BluRay, ahem), I suggest you fly to Philadelphia, or I fly to California, and we watch it together. I promise not to recite all the lines like I usually do (I’ve been told that can be annoying?). I have seen City of Lost Children but not that trilogy, I’ll have to check it out! xo

  8. Ha, ha I have to make a confession, like Theresa, I have not watched the movie or listened to the soundtrack. Mental note to self, sign up for Netflix already…

    1. Oh for shame!! Maybe you two haven’t seen it because I’ve been monopolizing it this whole time? There aren’t enough ‘watches’ left for anybody else? Haha. If only it worked that way. Get on it, girl! xo

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