Paris Window Tapestry



An 8′ long wall tapestry that looks like a Parisian window? Yep, I bought it. I’m going to hang it in the guest room and cry all over it. Maybe I’ll bring it to our wedding next year and use it for a photobooth backdrop. That sounds like a dream.

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July 3, 2013 / design / LEAVE A COMMENT / 11


  • Love your idea for using that as a backdrop for photos. I’m in Montpellier at the moment and have to stop myself from photographing every French window I pass, so exquisite are they. I’ve created a couple of boards on Pinterest for balcony railings and doors so I can have an outlet for the obsession. Triciax

  • You got it?! Can’t wait to see it! Hope you share some pictures.

  • i really, really want one too!! i love the idea as a photo backdrop at your wedding. i am excited to be hearing a little wedding talk.

  • Absolutely, positively YES for the photo booth!!!! It’s stunning!

  • That is awesome – I’m so glad you ended up buying it

  • Fantastic! Making it double as a photobooth backdrop is a fab idea, too! :D xo

  • I love it! Please oh please oh please use it as your photobooth backdrop! And I would love to see a Gary Oldman cutout as a prop. Just a suggestion….

  • So cool, I want one!

  • Hey Erin, what a lovely blog! I just found you through the charming little t actually, and hopped on over to say hi :)

  • Photobooth backdrop – Brilliant idea and *so* appropo!

  • Great post Erin! I was thinking about redoing the blinds and drapes on all of my windows and was searching for ideas. What a great concept!