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As promised, here is where we are getting married:

It’s the first place we saw, when we got back from Paris and started the hunt. Immediately when I walked in, I knew. This was the place. There is a courtyard and garden and a gorgeous Victorian house, and we get full reign over all of them for the day. It’s a few blocks from our house, my nail salon, my hair salon, a stone’s throw from the park, and down the block from a hotel. It’s perfect. I cried. Jamal, on the other hand, needed to see other options. Not because he didn’t love the place (he did),  but because the man is incapable of making a decision without exhausting every other option. And making a spreadsheet. My future husband, ladies and gents. I don’t doubt he had a spreadsheet about me.

So we saw five or six other options, and I was mostly doing it to humor him. My heart was stuck on the first place. And wouldn’t you know it, I was right! We have well over a year and a half to get everything else in order, though, so I’m not sweating the details at this point. We have the freedom to pick our own caterer and buy our own alcohol, which is preferable to being locked into an exclusive caterer (those of you who have gotten married understand how much they can gouge you on price simply because they’re your only option).

So, yeah! Step one: pick a venue, accomplished! I already have my dress, so I guess I can cross of step two? I’ll show it to you another time. What a tease.

15 thoughts on “Wedding Venue

  1. Your venue is romantic and gorgeous…..not to mention my favorite period of furniture! I don’t think there is a more perfect venue on the planet!

  2. Squeal! I’m so glad JAMAL came round, I know how much you loved it! I just got a heart flutter thinking about how you will feel when you walk down that aisle. How lovely and pretty and perfect. So excited! xx

  3. Oh I LOVE it! Just adore it! It feels very much you guys, all colonial and Philadelphia and all. I couldn’t be happier! And September will be so lovely. Just really, really nice garden party time. I’m with Annie. Totally heart-fluttery! XOXOXO

  4. I gasped when I saw the title of your post and had to turn everything else off in my office in order to watch the video. It’s so lovely! Beautiful and charming and even I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds for you! I know what you mean about the freedom with the caterer. We went with a venue that allowed any caterer – but in the end, we went with the one caterer that is the exclusive/approved for all venues in the area. Sometimes, they just do something right and that’s why they are the exclusive. I hope your hunt for a caterer is easier than mine! I can’t wait to see your dress. I’m like you and had both my dress and venue over a year out too!

  5. i am just so very happy for you. that place is so perfect. i just love love love it. but i totally understand jamal and i am the exact same way. no matter what i have to look at all my options. sometimes i drive myself crazy with that and sometimes i give myself a big high-five. xo (ooooh and yes the dress info is a total tease!)

  6. Such a gorgeous space :) Sounds like you are coming along on the wedding checklist. Can’t wait to see the dress. I still have my dress and I recently asked my husband if we could renew our vows so I could wear my dress and throw a party. lol

  7. oh erin, JAMAL did you proud! i LOVE it… man i wish we lived closer, i’d help you style your wedding in a nano all for the pleasure of seeing the smile on your faces! it’s going to be amazing!

  8. Jumping up and down in my chair with excitement for you! Could it be any more perfect? NO! I can’t wait to see the dress (and everything else)! And I had to laugh because thankfully Jordan isn’t the only one who has to have spread sheets for everything. Do you want to know how many we have for our move to Australia? I’m too embarrassed to even tell you.

  9. Awww!!! I just pictured you coming through the archway and got a little emotional. Can’t wait to see it all done up in your signature Parisienne style! So excited for you both!!! :D

    P.S. In JAMAL’s defense, I’m exactly the same. I need to see what else I could have before I make a decision even if I love the first option I see. :D xo

  10. Ahhh that’s lovely Erin, it’s just soooo exciting. The garden is really lovely.
    As Chi says, it’s good to look at other options too, especially when it’s to confirm that your first instinct and love for a place is the right one.
    You do know that we are fully living and breathing the run up to your wedding with you, yes? Although I don’t want all the details, you gotta save us some surprises. ha!
    Perfect x

  11. Oh Erin I got goose bumps! It is so full of charm. When you know, you just know. When we drove to our venue I was so tired I didn’t even want to see it. As soon as we pulled up to it, I thought: “This is it!”

  12. What an awesome venue! It’s perfect with all the old brick and the beautiful gardens. Beats a hotel ballroom, hands down. ;) Glad JAMAL came around, and how sweet of you to humor him by looking at other places. See, you two make a great team. xo

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