Tuesday Tunes (I Still Love the New Kids on the Block)

A lot.

Did you forget? Maybe you need a litte refresher (here and here). My love for the “five bad brothers from the Beantown land” (as they refer to themselves in the 1991 hit “Games”) has been a pervasive and defining element throughout my entire life. Though I was too young to go to a New Kids on the Block concert before they broke up in 1994 (I was 8), I have consistently stoked the fire of my burning love for them for the last 20 years. I had the bed sheets and comforter. I had the Barbie dolls. The CDs. The trading cards. And then, years after they broke up, I had a serious problem letting go of them, so I didn’t. My dad and I belted out their songs in the car, instead.

I always held out hope they’d reunite. And in 2008, after 13 years apart, they did! With a new album and a tour (Lady Gaga was the opener for the opener, and no one knew who she was back then). I went to a show that year, and I feel that the only way to accurately describe what I felt is with the power of their beautiful lyrics: “Didn’t I blow your mind this time? Didn’t I? Didn’t I do it baby… didn’t I do it baby?” OH. YOU DID, BABY.

It was like poetry in the form of five late-30-something grown men skilled at synchronized dancing. It was, in a word, MAGICAL.








So yeah. They’ve gone on a few tours since, and their current tour includes Philly-natives Boyz 2 Men. They played here Saturday night, and there was no way I couldn’t NOT go. And lo, it was good. I didn’t bring my camera this time, from a combination of fear it would get confiscated upon entry and desire to just experience the force of their boyband skillz without being behind a camera (I did snap one lone Instagram). They played all the hits. There was hip-thrusting. A rendition of “Hot In Here.” And! And! At the very end of their TWO HOUR set, Boyz 2 Men came back out and they all sang “Motown Philly” together. It was a trip!

At the risk of being judged for this: the New Kids are hot. If anything, they’re hotter at 40-something than they were at 20. Observe:


Maybe it’s the suits. But Donnie was shirtless for a good portion of the concert, so it’s clearly more than the clothes. A swagger that comes with age? I’m like an inch away from using the “a fine wine” analogy, somebody stop me.

Today is Tuesday, and even though we’re three days removed from the concert, I have not left the haze of New Kids music (Jamal will tell you all about it). Herewith, the first single from their new album, “10.” The video is delightful and the song itself is pretty great. And they’re in suits! It’s fantastic.

I love these guys. Always have, always will. And I don’t care who knows it.

34 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes (I Still Love the New Kids on the Block)

  1. WHAT??? You’re willing to take back some of your possessions from my basement and storage space? That blows my mind!

    1. Gimme my comforter set! I want to roll myself up like an inchworm and soak up the 80s-ness of it. Jamal will just love that. xo

  2. I really had no idea how well they aged! I mean, just look at Johnny Depp too – he has aged so wonderfully O_O
    Also – mom up there ^ sounds exactly like my mom.

    1. Don’t hate me, but I’ve never seen the appeal of Johnny Depp. Now, Gary Oldman on the other hand… ;) xo

  3. The single thing I wish your blog had is (are?) little “previous post” and “next post” links at the bottom of each one, because I tend to spend my entire lunch break reading, and I want to go in chronological order! But seriously, I love your blog and I’m so glad you post every day, because I read it every day to the point where I think my productivity levels are falling, oops.

    1. Ha! Well, I’m flattered! I’m happy someone out there finds me as interesting as I find me. ;) I hadn’t even considered a previous/next button, but I’ll look into it! I do have an archive section at the bottom of the page. It’s collapsable my year and then month, if that helps! xo

  4. the other day lauren was saying how she’s quite the storm tracker and i felt my affection grow a little more. it’s the odd and quirky things that people do. the things they do that make them super happy that maybe you’d never guess about – those i find the most endearing qualities. i am going to say your love of NKOTB fits that category ; ) i never got into them but i did like boyz 2 men (and weren’t they progressive with their text style writing?!) – and sometimes it is so hard to say goodbye to yesterday so i am glad you got a little bit of yesterday back. and i will agree that they look loads better now. like a fine wine ;) xoxo

    1. Hahah, yay! I’m MORE than happy owning my love of NKOTB as my quirk. Also, I think I just fell in love with you a little more for using “so hard to say goodbye to yesterday” in a sentence. Girl, you would have loved the concert. Check and see if they’re coming to Portland, I think you should treat yo’self and go. xoxo

    1. No Marky Mark NOR the Funky Bunch. Though the stadiums are huge, they can only sustain one Wahlberg brother at a time. Too many abs. xo

    1. YES! I was (and still am!) a Jon girl growing up, but I gotta say, Donnie in glasses is making me reconsider! He came out in glasses for the first song and it was just instant swoon-age. xoxo

  5. NKOTB weren’t that popular in South Africa when I was growing up (some crazy SA fan might be plotting my demise for saying that) so I don’t know too much about them, but looking at your photos, I totally get your obsession! Chuckled at the fact that you had the barbies! :)

    1. Haha, they were HUMONGOUS here in the late 80s and early 90s. Like, every other recent boyband hysteria combined because they were the first ones. I still have those barbies somewhere! They had to most brilliant 80s clothes on. xo

  6. Oh, I am bit jealous that you got to see them and you owning the barbie dolls. A lot of the merchandise never made it to Germany or you could buy US imports for shitloads of money. Next tour I will be there as well! Already told my mom to look for my old NKOTB tee and bring it with her when my parents visit in the fall, still unworn because I saved it for a special occasion. Hopefully I can squeeze into it, it is probably 20 years old…

    1. Haha, that’s amazing!! I bet it still fits. The awesome thing about the concerts is seeing everyone break out their “vintage” NKOTB gear. There’s a ton of original merch on ebay now for a lot less (and minus the shipping to Germany!). They played the Barclay’s center in Brooklyn over the weekend, I should have alerted you! xoxo

  7. Argh, I had just typed a comment and thought I posted it but it didn’t show up. Ok, here we go again…

    Oh, I am bit jealous that you got to see them and you owning the barbie dolls. Most of the merchandise never made it to Germany way back when or you could buy US imports for a shitload of money. I still own all the magazine clippings and posters I accumulated back then and already told my mom to look for my old tee, still unworn because I saved it for a special occasion. Next tour I will try to squeeze into it…Have I ever told you that one of my friends caught a t-shirt from one of them at a concert, of course other girls wanted a piece of it too and she only ended up with a strip of white fabric. Long story short, next day in school a hoard of fourteen year old girls stood around that piece sniffing it…

    1. Your comment was held in spam! I don’t know why, but I cleared it! You’re a trooper for re-posting your comment, though. The story about the white strip of tee shirt fabric just made me laugh out loud. That is totally something I would have done! I would love to see your collection of magazine clippings and posters, I bet there are some really great gems in there. Posing with teddy bears or shirtless under overalls, the usual ;)

      I had no idea you were a fan, too! See, I knew I liked you for a reason :) xoxo

      1. Yeah, now when I think of it sniffing that tee was hilarious and I couldn’t smell anything. I would have loved to get a whiff of them back then. Thinking about my collection I remembered one of my most prized possession, an almost life sized poster for which I had to collect the pieces from a German teen magazine. It must have taken me months to get all the pieces and probably taken quite a chunk from my allowance money ;)

        1. You cannot possibly know how happy that story made me! I love it, you were an even bigger fan than I was! By the time I was old enough to buy magazines, they had already broken up! So sad. xoxo

  8. Hello, of course they’re hotter. Please. Given your (ahem) interest in older men, this shouldn’t surprise you!

    I’m like Christine. I love finding these back-story secrets about people. I think I may have known about your NKOTB, but all the deep history about your comforter just makes the story. I don’t feel this way about any band, really, and you make me wish I did.

    1. Baha, “Interest.” Yeah, I hear you. The comforter was bright pink with photos of them all over it. It was also one of the softest and cuddliest blanket in the universe; it had pilled with age and use and was just deliciously cozy. I’m going to need that back from my mom, methinks. xoxo

    1. Oh no!! It was quite the experience!! Lots of shirtless-ness and lots of arm-waving to Hangin Tough ;) xo

  9. Oh my I used to love NKOTB too! I bought the Christmas album one year with the christmas money from my gran and played on loop till Mum got fed up of hearing Christmas songs in June and got me the next one :)

    I had a huge crush on Joey, but looking at them all grown up I’m not sure who I’d pick. How I’d love to see them in action with their ‘synchronized dancing’ haha.

    I’ve still got their albums, even though hubby threatens to throw them away every time he sees them…


    1. Hahah, Kelly that’s incredible! Another fan! I’d never have guessed. Joey was definitely a popular choice, but I always had my heart set on Jon, haha. I’m with you, though, I have no idea who I’d pick these days! (That’s a lie. It’s Donnie).

      Don’t let your husband toss their CDs! I swear those are worth something, if not monetarily than at least sentimentally! I still have mine, too, and J would have to pry them from my cold dead hands if he ever tried to make me part with them! xoxo

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