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French classes started again last night. I’m in level 105 now, and we have a few new people in class. Rachel is still our teacher, and have I mentioned that I sort of love her? Because I do. Did I mention her name is pronounced “Rashelle” and not “Ray-chul”? Of course it is. She’s French! We had our last 104 class two weeks ago, and she encouraged us to bring wine and snacks, and by the end of class we were just watching French videos on Youtube, including this song, by Mc Solaar.

True story, my dad went to Paris when I was 8 and I requested three things from him: a beret, an Eiffel Tower, and a pop culture magazine. I still have the first two (the Eiffel Tower stays on my writing desk, you know, for inspiration), but the magazine disappeared years ago. This was in 1994, and MC Solaar was on the cover. Ten years later, MC Solaar’s song “Le Belle et Le Bad Boy” played in the background of the final episode of “Sex and the City,” when Carrie is running around Paris. Almost 10 years after that, and we’re listening to his music in French class. Everything comes full circle.

The fun thing about this song is the word play I never would have caught on to had Rachel not pointed it out. The line in the chorus is “Je suis l’as de trèfle qui pique ton coeur, Caro” which translates to “I’m the ace of clubs that trumps your heart,” and Caro, which is short for “Caroline” sounds like the French word for diamond. Trèfle =  ♣, pique = ♠, coeur = ♥, Caro = ♦. How neato is that?

Also, my friend Jeff (not to be confused with JAMAL!) sent this to me last night and I haven’t stopped laughing since. I don’t even care if it’s photoshopped. So apropos!


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  1. The best parts of high school French were when we did the pop culture stuff and listened to current music. There was one song our teacher let us listen to over and over that we all loved. I have *no clue* what it was and can’t remember a peep of it (Although I have a feeling that if I heard it, I’d know it instantly!). It was a loooong time ago. Ahem.

    And where do you find love? I can’t tell. ;)

    1. I bet you Rachel could find it for you. She played a lot of music for us that night, and a lot of it was classic French pop from the 80s-90s. This wouldn’t happen to be it, would it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEQrAqPL1TY Was it a man or woman singing?

      My mind immediately went to Paris, but then right after that…it went someplace entirely different! Haha. xo

  2. I never knew about that Caro/diamond similarity. I love it! Also, have you heard Stromae’s song Alors On Danse? It’s the song that ended my very last French class, Advanced French Conversation which was a 4000 level class (how I ever managed it je ne sais quoi). It always brings back lovely French memories for me!

    1. Ha, neat right? The French is “carreau” so it totally works with the song. I love Alors On Danse! We just went over the use of “on” in our last class from last term, and that’s what I was thinking of the whole time, haha. Aaand now I’m listening to it! xo

  3. I actually remember this song in SATC. It’s beautiful and I had wondered about it.

    Nice that you still have the stuff you’re Dad brought you.

    1. That song fit the scene really wonderfully, didn’t it? Although I’ll never forgive her for hating Paris the way she did, or fleeing. Or going back to Big. But that’s a conversation for another time ;) xo

  4. I loved that final episode of SATC and I’m still so sad that the whole thing has ended. That’s a great, highly memorable track though.
    Actually I watched back to back episodes on Saturday afternoon – the lead up and fall out to Carrie sleeping with Big behind Aidans back. Aidan looks older and sooo dated in his look now. The bit where he dumps her at Charlottes wedding, can you imagine that happening, and she looked so stunning, it must have killed him. Anyway, back to reality!

    1. What’s weird for me is that I consider the first movie to really be “the end” of the series, not season 6, or even the second movie. I don’t know why! Like I said above, I’ll never really get over how miserable she was in Paris. YOU ARE IN PARIS, everything will be fine! Haha. I love watching marathons of the old episodes on tv. That whole Aidan saga just broke my heart. How could she do that to him?? That she didn’t marry him and forget about Big is something that I can’t get over. So dumb! xo

  5. “La Belle et le bad boy” & “Alors on danse” are in heavy rotation in my classroom. My French students LOVE it :)

    PS: I totally agree with you about Carrie’s Paris angst! She’s staying at the Hôtel Plaza Athénée, wearing amazing designer clothes and shoes, drinking Champagne, and eating macaroons…what’s to be miserable about?!

  6. Thee best French rapper (as if I know many others ;). Happy you featured this song for Tuesday Tunes. I was needing a little French beats today. Love that Rashelle pointed out the very cool word play in this song. I think I actually missed the SATC episode where they play this song. Off to see if I can find it.

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