Plumed on Fab.

My dear friend Christine is an absolute gem: kind, sweet, funny, a brilliant interior decorator, and immensely talented. So talented, in fact, that the folks at took notice.


If you haven’t already familiarized yourself with Christine’s incredible needlepoint pillows, what are you waiting for?? The sale runs until June 15th, and you can always buy through her new online shop. Go go go!

10 thoughts on “Plumed on Fab.

  1. This post just put a big smile on my face and served as a wonderful reminder of Christine’s fabulous new venture. Congratulations, Christine! And, Erin, you’re a wonderful person. xo

  2. !!! I’ve been away for the weekend and almost missed this! I definitely love Christine and her work too – it’s so wonderful to see her hard work pay off with such great success!

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