It’s No Biggie

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Berlin artist Thoka Maer creates the most delightful hand-drawn gifs in a series called “It’s No Biggie.” The umbrella one is especially accurate, considering yesterday I was caught in a freak torrential downpour on my way home from work. These are mesmerizing, aren’t they?

10 thoughts on “It’s No Biggie

  1. These are great- I think the umbrella is my fave (although getting caught in a downpour like the one you mentioned…not so much)

  2. i love these. great find i have never seen this work or heard of the artist. i love the pup and the reader. i looked at the site the one of the lady looking at porn made me almost spit out my coffee. i see these are not without some humor and a little social commentary at work in a few of them. fun!! thanks twinsy!

  3. These are really fab, love the sausage on the conveyor. Those gif things are a bit like mandarin to me, I think I should probably get my head around them at some point x

  4. I love these! As someone who is revisiting my love of illustration, I find myself really drawn to these (no pun intended). I agree with Annie, these little drawings would be beautiful in a frame.

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