Hey, Pretty


I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, so as you can imagine these shower gels and body lotions from Korres got my heart racing. I’m most intrigued by the yogurt scented lotion, because Fitz doesn’t have enough opportunities to lick my legs as it is.

11 thoughts on “Hey, Pretty

  1. I bought the chocolate lip butter from Body Shop a few months ago and I can’t wait to start using it after I finish my current night lip balm.

  2. They do look delicious. I love REN products especially their grapefruit body wash and rose face cream, I could sit all they long with my nose in the pots.

  3. Haha Toby is obsessed with licking lotion too, so I’m sure he would love the yogurt scented one :-) These are gorgeous!

  4. Erin, I actually do have the yogurt scented one and I like it – the smell is not as strong as the others although my mom did like the guava

  5. You and I, we have such great taste it almost HURTS. HA.

    I use the Pepper, Gaiac Wood & Jasmine perfume from Korres. IT SMELLS LIKE AN OLD MAN. But, like, a good way? Not a Depends-soiled, drunken way. It’s like a tobacco pouch and freshly-shaved old man. Ok, not old. OldER. Like, sort of how I imagine Salinger might have smelled? Anyway YES- the packaging unwraps around the bottle with floral print and thick uncoated card…SWOON.

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