500th Post

No, it’s not this one. It actually occurred last week, and you’d think for so auspicious a milestone I’d have kept my eyes peeled. Not the case, and I didn’t even realize I’d hit 500 posts until this weekend. I’d always figured I’d make a bigger stink about my 500th post, that there would be fanfare and a humongous sense of accomplishment. And then I missed it entirely. I’ve been blogging for over two years now, and blogging every day for the past 18 months. I guess I sort of forgot about milestones and was just going with it.

Are you curious to know which post marked the big 5-0-0? It is ridiculously fitting.



















A post about the New Kids on the Block. I have never been more proud.

I’m also insanely grateful to all of you who hang around here everyday, who read and comment and don’t judge me for being obsessed with things such as macarons, Gary Oldman, or Paris. Or, of course, the NKOTB. Here’s to the next 500. Yikes.

12 thoughts on “500th Post

  1. Amazing! I love that you kind of missed it. I feel like you can enjoy the 500th post more organically because it is about one of your favorite things, NKOTB. I cannot wait to read every one of the next 500 posts!

  2. woo hoo! 500! that is a lot of posting. it all comes full circle with NKOTB does it not? i love that. i think i need to go back and read the first couple hundred though. someday when you famous i want to be able to tell my friends that i read every post you have ever written ; ) congrats twinsy! i am glad you are here. xoxo

  3. I started browsing Pinterest and about halfway down the page, up pops Gary Oldman all over the place. I wonder where these came from….

  4. You got the right stuff, baby! No wonder you were able to captivate us for 500 posts and hopefully for many more. …Sorry for the cheesy comment but I dug up my old NKOTB CDs. Guess what I am listening to ;) Can you believe I schlepped those CDs halfway across the world?
    Here is to the next 500 posts

  5. 500 posts! *Happy Dance*! And how fitting that the NKOTB marked such a milestone! I love stopping by here every day Erin, your blog always, always puts a smile on my face. Here’s to 500 more…

  6. Yeay well done, a truly admirable feat. We were at the same total a while ago but I’ve slipped way behind. Will you stop writing about nkotb now?? Please???

  7. Happy 500, Erin! And on blogging every single day for 18 months. < Was going to put an exclamation mark there, but it's quite clear that that accomplishment is no small feat, no exclamation point needed. ;) I thoroughly enjoyed your NKOTB post. We should all be allowed our guilty pleasures, right? No judgment here. Here's to 500+ more!

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