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I’m almost finished with a great book Theresa lent me, called “Writing Down the Bones.” I’m planning on doing a real review tomorrow, but one of the things I wanted to share was the author’s insistence that there is no perfect place to write. You can’t design the perfect writing space and expect the writing to come flowing freely just because you’ve matched the chairs fabric to the curtains. I’m not sure she’d still feel that way if she’d seen this amazing nook:



I could write the next Great American Novel in that room, I just know it. Writer’s Block? Banished by the overwhelming wonderfulness of its French farmhouse style! It has something to do with the white-washed clapboard walls, the linen tablecloth, and all that dried lavender. Here’s how to get the look (writing expertise not included or guaranteed!).


1. Chair / 2. Basket / 3. Cabinet / 4. Lavender / 5. Linen sheet / 6. Pillow / 7. Notebook / 8. Candle

16 thoughts on “Writing Nook

    1. Creativity comes from loads of places, but apparently “order” isn’t one of them for me! xo

  1. i usually write on the sofa (well, whilst sitting on the sofa, that is)… but i sit at the desk if i want to force myself to try and be productive because i hate sitting at the desk! i reckon that fig candle would incentivise me to write quickly so i could get to the fridge to eat something figgy! :)
    nice nook… do you have something like this set up?

    1. Gosh, I wish!! And I do have that fig candle, and it’s the most delicious scent. We picked it up on a whim at Crate & Barrel and sniffed it. Hooked! xo

    1. Super serene, I think I might even get too blissed out to write anything in there! xo

  2. How’d you get a picture of my office? Ha Ha! Oh, it’s so lovely isn’t it? My favorite part is the ceiling with those painted white boards. Not sure about that chair though. My back wouldn’t love it. I’d set it to the side for distracting guests to bring me cups of tea.

    1. Haha, I’m sneaky aren’t I? I have one of those chairs from IKEA, it’s wooden and brown and was $15 and is surprisingly comfortable! I was shocked. I totally bought it for show. I might slap a sheepskin throw on it and use it full time! xo

  3. that little window is breaking my heart. i want it to be mine. i’d love it and take care of it and talk to it everyday. i also love linen. i could have it everywhere and i guess right now i do – shreds of it all over my house ; )

    1. Aw, we could share! I love that you would talk to the room. I’m not guilty of doing that with inanimate objects or anything…ahem. How’s pillow making going for you?? xo

  4. I love it. I utterly and completely love it. I would definitely write the next best American novel there. And turn into a princess and feed the unicorns that wander into my garden.

  5. Ha, I agree! Whenever I see a beautiful, dreamy office/creative space, I always think to myself: I could get so much work done in that space. The one you show above is no exception. In reality, creativity hits me while I’m reading in bed or in the shower. ;) It’s hit or miss when I’m actually sitting in my chair at my desk. Regardless, I think it’s still important to create a beautiful space for creative work; It just seems like part of the process.

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