Just Because


JAMAL has been traveling three or four days every week for the past, hm, five weeks? Mexico, Toronto, Maryland, Charlotte, St. Louis. I wouldn’t say you ever really get over it, but after almost three years of extensive traveling for work on his part, I’m definitely used to it. The same time zone makes it easier, and Skype does, too, when it’s international. Of course, little “just because” presents don’t hurt either. He’s always good about picking up goodies like Aero bars if he has a layover in the UK, silk scarves from India, a book from the airport bookstore, etc. This week he was in the airport and had time to kill before his flight home, and picked up a few little things at The Body Shop for no reason other than that he was there. Satsuma shower gel, Olive dry oil, and Hemp hand lotion. I’ve only used the dry oil so far and can’t wait to try it in other scents (chocolate!). Thanks, JAMAL!

This weekend we’re having brunch with some friends and their adorable baby, and then celebrating my niece’s 9th birthday. NINE! She’s going to be nine! I cannot handle that information, it makes me feel so supremely old. What are you up to? If you have a few minutes to spare, please enjoy this video of a woman in Ireland attempting to park (for over half an hour, but the video is only 14 minutes long). I’ve never laughed harder or cheered more victoriously when she finally makes it. The video is shot by a group of college kids, so the commentary is golden. Have a good one, kiddos!

My Inner French Girl

She’s back! And she’s as fashionable as ever.


1. Camisole / 2. Pants / 3. Sweater / 4. Bag / 5. Pen / 6. Notebook / 7. Glasses / 8. Lip Balm / 9. Book / 10. Beauty Elixir / 11. Flats / 12. Lingerie

The problem with my Inner French girl is that she makes me want to spend all my money. Not that I could really pull off such a skimpy camisole (she can, because she’s French and works in an art gallery), but those trousers and leopard flats? I think I could make those work. She’s actually taking a page out of my book, seeing as I have that Astier de Vilatte notebook, that lip balm, the Caudalie beauty elixir, and that book (the French translation of “Seven Days in the Art World,” which by the way I’m almost finished and am enjoying every second of). Maybe I’m more chic than I thought.

Guest Post: Our Love Story


Today I’m proudly guest-posting over at Yelle’s blog while she’s busy finalizing her upcoming wedding (!!!). I’m sharing JAMAL’s and my love story and a few never-before-seen photos of the two of us. Have I piqued your interest sufficiently? Go and check it out! Thank you for having me, Yelle!

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