My Inner French Girl

She’s back! And she’s as fashionable as ever.


1. Camisole / 2. Pants / 3. Sweater / 4. Bag / 5. Pen / 6. Notebook / 7. Glasses / 8. Lip Balm / 9. Book / 10. Beauty Elixir / 11. Flats / 12. Lingerie

The problem with my Inner French girl is that she makes me want to spend all my money. Not that I could really pull off such a skimpy camisole (she can, because she’s French and works in an art gallery), but those trousers and leopard flats? I think I could make those work. She’s actually taking a page out of my book, seeing as I have that Astier de Vilatte notebook, that lip balm, the Caudalie beauty elixir, and that book (the French translation of “Seven Days in the Art World,” which by the way I’m almost finished and am enjoying every second of). Maybe I’m more chic than I thought.

8 thoughts on “My Inner French Girl

  1. ooo, i love her bag too. i also really love the pants. i need some summery pants. they really aren’t the easiest of things to find. i might have to try these on, though i am trying to figure out if i love the crepe fabric or if it might kind of freak me out. i am like a baby and i like to wear cotton pretty much 100% of the time. xoxo

  2. “Maybe I’m more chic than I thought.”
    Oh you are, chérie – but then isn’t everyone? :D

    My favourites? The leopard flats with gold heels and the lacy knickers. J’adore.

  3. Okay, I feel good knowing that I have the lip balm, leopard flats and a (pink) tote, but the front pleats on those pants I’d have to avoid. So maybe I’m not so chic after all.

    But you my darling? OF COURSE!

  4. liking the combo of the blue with those leopards… i need to spruce up my wardrobe me thinks!

  5. This whole outfit is so chic! You know, up until recently I was never, never an animal print girl. Never owned a single animal print. I don’t know what happened because my mind is definitely changed and I like that particular animal print above as a sweet accent to an otherwise neutral outfit. You are chic. We need no convincing. :)

  6. I so heart those Rennes bags. Is it bad to start buying those up as well?

    PS – I’m so glad your French girl is back. She must have been on holiday

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