Like A Picture

Back by popular demand. And by ‘popular’ I mean Sam reminded me last week that I used to do this series somewhat regularly, and it’s been 6 months since my last one. Oops. If you’re new to the blanket & a candle magnificence, feel free to catch up here. And no, you’re not missing anything, I literally just find a blanket & a candle that match any picture on a whim. There’s no rhyme or reason for it, other than that I’m a crazy candle lady.


1. Blanket / 2. Candle / 3. Picture

The funny thing about this particular set is that I’d been trying to find a match to that sweater in blanket-form for months. Months! Eventually I gave up, and then wouldn’t you know it, last week, spurred by Sam’s comment, I happened to be browsing West Elm and saw that chunky cable knit blanket and it struck me as being the perfect match…only I had no idea where the original picture went. The Internet Squirrel is nothing if not persistent, as you can see.

10 thoughts on “Like A Picture

  1. That’s a badass diptique, I like it!
    I propose a more interactive feature. Maybe one of us can send you an image of a candle, someone else can send you an image of a blanket and you can see if you can find the image to match?

  2. Love it! Glad I was able to tempt you back into the land of candles/blankets/pictures. It’s not cheap that Diptique hey? Still it’s a full 51 ounces of gorgeousness. xx

  3. I’m all raveled up for that sweater. And I don’t even like sweaters. And it’s also 90 degrees here. So basically what I’m saying is – I like this set

  4. I agree with Annie – the best way to describe that candle is badass. Not sure what it is about black on black, but it’s my favorite color combination ;)

  5. just last night i was thinking i needed to buy some new throws. not only that but i was thinking a nice soft cable knit one would be perfect, just like this one! kismet.

    and someday (maybe soon as a reward for feeling totally insane for the last month) i am going to buy a diptique candle! i have never let myself do it before but i am thinking it’s time.

  6. Yep, this is pretty perfect. I love that both the outfit and candle have a very cool vibe and edge to them. Nothing frilly about this pairing; It’s all badass. ;)

  7. Okay, it’s going to be like 90º outside today and I still want to be wearing that sweater. While standing next to that candle. Nice, nice, nice. although not nice at all. Badass pretty much sums it up.

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