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JAMAL has been traveling three or four days every week for the past, hm, five weeks? Mexico, Toronto, Maryland, Charlotte, St. Louis. I wouldn’t say you ever really get over it, but after almost three years of extensive traveling for work on his part, I’m definitely used to it. The same time zone makes it easier, and Skype does, too, when it’s international. Of course, little “just because” presents don’t hurt either. He’s always good about picking up goodies like Aero bars if he has a layover in the UK, silk scarves from India, a book from the airport bookstore, etc. This week he was in the airport and had time to kill before his flight home, and picked up a few little things at The Body Shop for no reason other than that he was there. Satsuma shower gel, Olive dry oil, and Hemp hand lotion. I’ve only used the dry oil so far and can’t wait to try it in other scents (chocolate!). Thanks, JAMAL!

This weekend we’re having brunch with some friends and their adorable baby, and then celebrating my niece’s 9th birthday. NINE! She’s going to be nine! I cannot handle that information, it makes me feel so supremely old. What are you up to? If you have a few minutes to spare, please enjoy this video of a woman in Ireland attempting to parkĀ (for over half an hour, but the video is only 14 minutes long). I’ve never laughed harder or cheered more victoriously when she finally makes it. The video is shot by a group of college kids, so the commentary is golden. Have a good one, kiddos!

14 thoughts on “Just Because

  1. Satsuma is my favorite. reminds me of bubble baths in my tiny London flat with the greatest tub ever.

    1. I guess I always figured satsuma was something different or was a spicy scent? Not really sure where I got that from since it basically smells like oranges! I love hearing about your time in London :) xo

  2. I love satsuma shower gel! Also this hilarious video is exactly why I don’t drive in NYC – I’m seriously awful at parallel parking!

    1. Haha, believe it or not I’m actually really good at parallel parking!! It’s the only thing I’ve got in my arsenal. I can’t drive fast and I can’t merge and I totally sit on top of the steering wheel with my hands at 10 and 2, but parking? I’m AWESOME. xo

  3. it may have taken her half hour to park the car, but it took another five minutes just to get all her shite out of it! what the!!! i must concede i fast forwarded to the end, even though i love a good irish accent (my weakness!)
    happy weekend kids!

    1. Hahaha, poor thing must’ve been so mortified she had no idea what she needed to take with her. I can’t believe anyone could pass their drivers test and be THAT BAD at parking, it was almost a joke! xo

  4. yo man is so sweet! i love that he buys you a nice assortment. and i think that that olive dry oil sounds heavenly.

    that video was pretty funny. i would be in a pool of sweat and tears if i was that woman trying to park a car for 30 minutes, and with on-lookers! she may be terrible at parking but she has some serious confidence and tenacity that’s for sure. i would like to announce that i parallel parked twice last week in one, that’s right, one move – twice! it made me feel pretty awesome (i should mention i drive a minivan that was hit in the side in the first 3 weeks we bought it, i very rarely feel awesome when driving ;))

    happy 9th bday! oooh, it goes so terribly fast doesn’t it. have a great weekend twinsy! xoxo

    1. Whoa, a one-move park job!! Well done, girl. That’s some serious skill. Is it really tenacity on her part if she’s doing it wrong over and over and expecting a different result? Or is that just insanity?? Ha! xoxo

  5. It is a sad indication of the busy-ness of my Friday (and subsequent weekend) that I logged on here today and thought this was Monday’s post. Wish I’d read this before my trip to the Body Shop yesterday! That dry oil looks divine! Must try. Oh well, Mother’s Day is Sunday…

    All I want to do is sit around. And now I get to wait for Monday’s post! Bonus! And the parking vid. makes my palms itch! ;)

    1. Ha, don’t feel bad! We’ve all had days like that ;) I had never seen that dry oil at my local Body Shop, but apparently they’re online and at the Charlotte airport. Who knew! xoxo

  6. Man, JAMAL needs to write a handbook on How to Be a Good Boyfriend. Oh WAIT, he’s not your boyfriend anymore. You see, he’s doing everything right. :) In all seriousness, he picked out the best stuff from the Body Shop and is the most thoughtful person. I can only imagine how everything smells. Ok, off to watch the parking video. I share your sense of humor, so I’m sure I will find it just as hilarious as you.

  7. Hmm, why doesn’t my husband ever have time to kill at the Body Shop…Oh I know. He kills his time at the bookstores. The first few times, it was very nice having decor magazines from around the globe. Now, not so much.

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