I’m Keeping ‘Em.


Thanks for all weighing in on my new glasses conundrum a few weeks ago!┬áMy eye doctor determined that my prescription had in fact changed, and my astigmatism got worse, which explains all the ocular migraines I was getting and why my left eye was nearly always bloodshot. I’m blaming blogging, all that time spent in front of various computers. I clearly haven’t learned my lesson, because while the obvious choice would be to limit my screen-time and take better care of my eyes, I decided to steam ahead and buy those new glasses I wanted and take a lame hipster selfie to show them off. You’re welcome. (I was supposed to be writing when I took this shot of myself in Photo Booth. Ahem). I love them. Also: stripes.

How was your weekend?

19 thoughts on “I’m Keeping ‘Em.

  1. Callum just read this post over my shoulder (he likes your glasses) and thinks like/want/need should be renamed new/expensive/fancy.

    I’m not sure I have anything to add after that.

    Except. I’m always happy to see photos of you. I love your glasses. Take care of yourself, dear.

    1. Haha, they weren’t too bad, under $100 with lenses and shipping and everything. I know people who spend A LOT more on their glasses. I can’t justify that!

      Thanks doll :) xo

    1. Thanks, twinsy! They’re definitely helping. I’m using waaay less eye drops than I was and popping way less migraine meds. Like, none of either. So good! xo

  2. I hope these make your eyes feel better! At the very least, I think you look chic with specs and a striped shirt. But maybe because something about it screams French? Either way – I love the look!

    1. Haha, you certainly know how to make a girl feel special…just tell her she seems French! :D Thanks, doll. xo

    1. Woo, glasses twins! What can I say, great minds think alike ;) There’s a 90% chance I’m wearing stripes most days, believe it or not! My stripe collection is out of control! xo

  3. You forgot the top knot. Ha-ha! The new glasses look great, Erin. This entire look is so chic and French, and how wonderful to see your pretty face. Thrilled we all talked you into them. Too bad we couldn’t all collectively do something to rid you of those migraines. xo

    1. Haha, I did forget the top-knot!! Shame on me! ;) I actually prefer to keep my hair down when I’m writing so that when I get stuck on something I can play with my hair as a distraction. And yes, it happens more than you think! Thank you for pushing me to get them, it was much appreciated! xo

    1. Perfect, that’s just what I was going for! I have two pairs of super hipster-y ones, I thought it was time for something normal and adult :) xo

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