Did you know the New York Times has a Haiku blog? I didn’t either until Lauren sent me the top one yesterday in an email. I apologize in advance, because it’s absolutely addictive scrolling through all of them and you’re not going to be able to get much else done besides reading them and chuckling every once in a while (“The worst advice for/ the college essay is, “write / a college essay”). They’re sort of mesmerizing and all wonderfully vague. I’m hooked. Do you think they’re looking for someone new to compile them? That’s a job I’d excel at. Sorry, I meant:

Do you think they are
Looking for someone new to
write haikus for them?

12 thoughts on “Haiku

  1. I love haikus. This is the kind of thing that I can NOT write and I feel seriously stupid trying, but reading them? Adore! The ones the Times has been tweeting crack me up! So pertinent to every facet of my life. Creepy, actually.

  2. i’m with annie on this one… never heard of a haiku! don’t like things that hurt my brain! haha

  3. They are so so vague! I think that their vagueness is half of the romance with them. Super lovely find :)

  4. Well, even if they’re not searching for someone, I think you should apply because clearly you have a natural talent. :) Did you just quickly come up with that little haiku? I follow The New York Times on twitter and haven’t seen these haikus. Or, wait, maybe I didn’t even realize they were haikus! I guess it doesn’t matter since there’s a whole wonderful blog dedicated to this Japanese poetry. Thanks, ladies!

  5. Never heard of them, mad web page too, just a bunch of words on a grey page. I’m with Sue on this (and Annie), hurts my brain trying to work them out too xx

  6. One from me and two from Cal, written this morning.

    For Sue:
    Elusive as a
    Unicorn. The haiku is
    A poem to tease you

    From Cal:
    Wrote some in third grade
    Haikus should be excellent
    So everyone hears

    Five make up the first
    Seven give you the second
    Five to finish off

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