Guest Post: Our Love Story


Today I’m proudly guest-posting over at Yelle’s blog while she’s busy finalizing her upcoming wedding (!!!). I’m sharing JAMAL’s and my love story and a few never-before-seen photos of the two of us. Have I piqued your interest sufficiently? Go and check it out! Thank you for having me, Yelle!

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  • I’m glad you shared your love story with me and my blog! :)

  • Oh fun! I keep seeing Yelle’s comments on your blog and mean to get over there and now’s my chance. I love hearing love stories! XO

  • Oh my goodness I didn’t know you had it in you to be that soppy! How sweet! It’s lovely reading all that and knowing you guys a little more. And seeing more photos! He’s one lucky guy, look how pretty and young you are. xxxxxxx

  • My interest is piqued! Checking it out now :-)

  • Oh my goodness what a lovely sweet story (just checked it out). Love all of your photos too!

  • loved that. so. much!

  • You two are very cute together, love a bit of good old fashioned romance x

  • LOVED it!!! You two are just too adorable for words. :D xo

  • On my way over the NOW!

  • Oh, that post was so much fun. Thanks for sharing your love story and all those lovely photos! xo
    PS~Thank you also for the link love.