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I’ve said it before but it deserves repeating: the friends I’ve made through blogging are some of the most generous and incredibly kind people I can imagine having in my life. And not just because they send me stuff in the mail (see here and here). But that’s what this post is about, so who am I kidding.

A week or two ago I came home to an Amazon package from Lauren. No occasion, she just figured I needed this book, and had set a calendar reminder for herself to send it to me when it came out. In true Lauren fashion, it was the week of her birthday, and here she is, sending other people presents. That girl…

It combines all things French with gorgeously styled interiors. Come on.



It’s basically book porn, but I’ve been trying to savor it in small doses so it’s still new and I can discover new delights within its pages. Lauren and I had one of our good-for-the-soul phone chats after I opened the package. Have you had one of those with her? They’re the best. Thank you, Lauren!

Nina has already proven she’s my personal Uniqlo delivery system once before, and she would’ve been off the hook for a while but that store has some amazing collaborations. They’re currently working with Ladurée (!!!) and selling t-shirts with their iconic macarons and logo on them, the proceeds of which go to charity. When she Instagrammed a picture of the line I knew I had to have one. Thankfully, Nina doesn’t mind playing personal shopper for me, and she graciously sent me this wonderfulness:


It’s this shirt, in white. Macarons, the Eiffel Tower, and the Ladurée logo on one shirt?? Are you kidding? It arrived yesterday and I’m wearing it today. Thank you so much, Nina! I promise to stop bugging you for a while :)

Did you know Theresa and I started a postal service book club? A few weeks ago I mailed her “Bird by Bird” with a note saying to send it back whenever she was finished. She did this week, and she included a book of her own for me to read. It’s “Writing Down the Bones” by Natalie Goldberg and I can’t wait to read it.


How cute is the bird-themed card she sent with it? She has seriously amazing handwriting, too. I’m already planning what book to send back with this one when I finish it. Thank you, Theresa! Happy reading!

I love getting things in the mail, but I’m feeling very spoiled and one-sided recently. I need to start paying it forward and mailing you guys some goodies!

10 thoughts on “Gifts from Friends

  1. Well, first off, I love that Natalie Goldberg book and Theresa has good taste. And second of all, That tee shirt? Awesomesauce! Nicely done, Nina!

    I was hoping you’d post some photos of that book! Part of me was tempted to send it first to myself just to take a peek inside, but then it might have never made it to Philadelphia! ;) And no occasion? Whatever, duckie. You’ve been such a tremendous help to me over the last months (even if the outcome wasn’t totally what we wanted)…you more than, more than deserve it. And more. And our talks? Those are the best gifts, by far.

    love you.

  2. i need to get in on some of this action when i am not so busy. getting stuff in the mail never gets old even when i know exactly what it is and it’s something boring. but surprises in the mail, that is like the highlight of life pretty much. and i really love surprising people. i think i may need to get some addresses from you ; )

    i love all your goodies! that book looks amazing. i have so many design books i have nary a space for another but i may need to make one more spot.

    and “writing down the bones” ah! that was on my booklist for so long and i forgot about it. i am ordering that today. i have heard that it is really fabulous. must have.

    i miss nina!!! and i love your shirt, it looks so very soft. i want one of those too. what great gifts. what great people i feel pretty lucky to say i know them all too. and you! super lucky to know you. xoxo

  3. How lovely of them, and so thoughtful! Now I feel like I should start sending out pressies to all my blogger friends!

  4. Well, if you’re taking requests, I would looove some Laduree macarons. I forgot to mention that I’ve been taste testing macarons lately (inspired by you and your love for Laduree, of course). So far, I’ve tried some at three different places – Lette, Bottega Louie, and a bakery in our neighborhood. Lette is winning. Though, I would bet the house that when I try Laduree, the contest will be officially over and Laduree declared the winner. Speaking of which, love that tee shirt! It would look really cute with your black blazer and jeans. And, oh man, that book! It really is interior design porn. Nina and Lauren, well done!
    I’m so happy the package arrived safe and sound. I hope you enjoy. (Hm, maybe you can send it to Christine when you’re done, if she hasn’t purchased it already). Loving this book swap! xo

  5. Well aren’t you a spoilt young lady?? Anyone would think it was your birthday!
    What lovely friends you have, they are all very lovely ladies. I mean, all I got was a scrap of orange fabric. Kidding!
    Have you lit the fish candle by the way?
    PS I’m really envious of you having a phone conversations with Miss L. I didn’t know that was on her menu of services!

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