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I like things in nooks. Writing desks, beds, you name it. I don’t know what it says about me that I prefer tiny, claustrophobic spaces (weird, considering I can’t ride elevators for the same reason, but it’s somehow ‘romantic’ when it includes a big fluffy bed). Maybe it’s just because I am The Sleepiest today and the idea of curling up in a bed and being basically cuddled by the surrounding walls sounds like heaven, but I could go for any of these bed nooks right now.

13 thoughts on “Bed Nook

  1. Those nooks got cozier and cozier as I scrolled down. The first one creeped me out a bit, i have to say…I think I’d worry about hitting my head, but after that? Bliss! The one with the window? And the one in the arch? Heaven.

    And what is it with the sleepies? I’m so sleepy today too. I think I caught Neel’s jet lag.

  2. Love Nook No.3, the brick wall is gorge. A bit voyeuristic with windows and beds in every one of your nooks, ahem ;-)
    I know that sleepy feeling too x

  3. have to agree with lauren on the top one, i think it’s that slanted wall. but the second to last one down, sign me up. i love nooks too. i love open concept homes and i think that’s what i would choose for a dream home but it would have to have a few secret little nooks, or secret doors or a secret staircase – that would be good too.

  4. How cozy! Initially I’d think claustrophobic, but these are so warm and welcoming! I love the last one with a huge window, and the third one with the brick wall!

  5. What is it about today? I’m feeling The Sleepiest, as well. This post is doing me no good as all I want to do is crawl into any one of those images. You would have loved my bedrooms in Boston and New York – Sleeping nooks, because I couldn’t afford much else, that were super comfy. ;)

    1. PS~I just watched The Newsroom video that you recommended to Lauren. Really compelling and thought provoking stuff, Erin. Makes me want to start watching the series. x

  6. I’m not really a massive fan of confined spaces (unless they belong to me) – then I seek them out and curl up with a good book. I think it’s the thought of being warm and sheltered from the world that appeals to me. The 3rd one from the top is calling my name!

  7. now i really want a reading nook!! that first photo looks especially cozy, how wonderful to curl up under the sun and read a book

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