By now, everyone and their mother has heard of Baggu, but I never really caught on to the trend until recently. Don’t get me wrong, we try to use as many recyclable bags as possible for groceries and other stuff, but we’ve usually gotten ours for free and they’re not anything to write home about (though Trader Joe’s has a really cute selection). Baggu come in a variety of sizes, are under $10, and are made with ecologically friendly dyes and materials; the bag is one continuous piece of nylon (less waste) that can hold up to 50lbs each. They also come in about a million different fun colors, and (my dad would have loved this part) they fold up into their own carrying pouches. You can even turn your old bags in to be recycled and receive a discount off a new order. Want!

(Note: this post is not sponsored in any way, I just really like that striped bag).

21 thoughts on “Baggu

  1. I’ve had one of these for ages and I don’t even know where I got it from. Mine’s yellow.
    They are good but the handles aren’t long enough x

    1. Ha! I’m clearly late to the party. I don’t think I’ll mind the handles, I won’t be trying to wear it over my shoulder or anything. We’ll see! xo

  2. Never heard of them but they are adorable. Of course you would like the one that looks French!

  3. i have never heard of them but we have a whole lot of reusable bags around here – plastic bags are illegal in portland. or i should say it’s illegal for stores to offer plastic bags and the diehard stores only offer the paper bags without handles (so you have to bring your own bags if you buy more than two things). so everyone here has about 800 reusable bags, including me.i love the ones that fold up into their own little’r bag because i can stick in my purse, then when i inevitably forget one of my 800 bags i have one on hand. but i might need to bump my inventory to 801 – i want the striped one.

    1. Of course Portland would be so environmentally conscious as to ban plastic bags. And have it work! If we tried that here people would rebel, without even realizing the benefits. I’m not sure what I’d pick up Fitz’s poop in anymore, though…not that you needed to know that. Let’s be striped bag twins! xo

  4. I haven’t!
    Kudos to them on the eco credentials, but I can’t say that I’ll be buying one any time soon, the style is not my cup of tea x

    1. Ha, totally fair! They are a bit shapeless, but I still think they’re well cute. xo

  5. I love Baggu bags. I do not, however, have any. We have tons of the freebies that you describe, and the bookstore at Callum’s school uses recyclable bags, so whenever my grocery bags start to die, I just go buy him a few new tee shirts, and get some from there.

    But now I think I need a Baggu. This happens a lot when I read your site. I like something. Then I want it. Then I *need* it.


    1. This made my entire year. Nay, life. My blog is working!! In evil ways, but still. Like. Want. Need. Welcome to my world :) xoxo

  6. I bought Baggu bags YEARS ago and they’re still going strong! I’m actually kind of mad they haven’t fallen apart because I want to buy more in the new fun patterns they offer now – ha!

    1. That’s good to know, Gloria!! You could always turn them in if they’re looking a little dingy and get a credit towards new ones. OR just buy more! That’d be my choice, haha. xo

  7. I’m with you – that striped bag is super cute, reminds me of the French staple – a striped tee :)

    1. Mais oui! And I have roughly 15 striped shirts! It’s gotten to the point that J will ask me to reconsider whenever he sees me eyeing one up from across the store, haha. xo

  8. Love these bags, though I’ve never actually purchased one. Long ago, I purchased some canvas bags from TJ’s and the rest of my collection are freebies. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade. I do love all the animal motif patterns they offer, and the stripe one you show above. Of course.

    1. Of course. Great minds, and all that. ;) My current favorite ones are from Target, they have cartoon fruit and food drawn on them, and they fold up into small squares and snap closed. I obviously forget to bring them with me whenever we go grocery shopping. xo

  9. Very cute (and practical). We get all of ours for free too. And, funny enough, it’s only when I’m at Trader Joe’s that I get comments on them.

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