I’m Ready

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I had a dream I was back in Paris last night. It wasn’t anything splashy or iconically Parisian, no vistas of the city or accordion music. But we went to Ladurée and I ordered macarons en Français and then we went to a poetry reading (?). I need to be there now. It’s been a month and two days and I’m ready to go back again. Especially after seeing this video, by photographer Andrew Julian, on how amazing Paris in the winter (duh, I could have told you that, though not as beautifully). I’m watching this on repeat today and looking at flights. I’m ready to go back.

7 thoughts on “I’m Ready

  1. Absolutely stunning. I often have the urge to veer off course on my train journey to work in the morning and go to St Pancras instead and hop on the Eurostar. I am yet to have the guts to do this but after seeing this, I am oh-so-tempted to start travelling with my passport in my handbag just in case the urge strikes!

  2. i almost posted this video on friday. i just love it so much and can’t get enough of it. Once when I watching it Luca said “I want to go there, mama. Someday will we go there?” Yes. Yes we will! Just not soon enough. xoxo

  3. That sounds like the best dream ever! And the next time I come across escargot, I promise to buckle down and try it :-)

  4. Aww, everybody posting about travel, foreign countries etc. is giving me the travel bug. If all goes well we might go to Germany for a couple of days in the summer/fall visit family and go on a little European vacation from there. My vote is a road trip through Denmark and Sweden, P’ wants to go to Spain or Italy…Maybe we’ll have to go on separate trips ;)

  5. Oh, this video is so gorgeous! I could listen to the score alone, and then it’s coupled with the most beautiful images of Paris. What’s not to love? I can understand why you’ve been watching it on repeat. My son said a funny thing when we were walking home from dinner tonight, “The Eiffel Tower is bigger than our home.” Why, yes, it is! I can’t wait to take the kids to Europe, and I hope you get back to Paris soon.

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