Happy Weekend


This is the notebook where I’ve been scribbling and writing away on my book. The big chunk of it resides on my computer (and backed up on my Google Docs cloud drive, because if god forbid my computer crashes and I lose it, I’ll have to be committed), but I’ve found that keeping a notebook on my bedside table is helpful late at night, when the best bursts of inspiration appear. I got into the bad habit of saying, “I’ll remember that in the morning,” and inevitably I never did. So, enter Moleskine. I’ve had it for a few months and it’s been immensely comforting. Sometimes nothing beats pen & paper, despite all of the technological advances we have. I don’t always use my dad’s Mont Blanc I inherited (by stark contrast I mostly use a cheap ballpoint pen I took from the Hilton in Paris last year), but when I do the whole thing just feels reverential and, dare I be so bold, divinely inspired. I mean, it probably does nothing for my actual creativity, but it makes me feel fancy and connected to my dad a bit, so there’s that.

I thought I had the whole story down, with this great linear trajectory of New Year’s to New Year’s, and I mapped out the first six months of the year, developing side characters and story lines and beautiful (in my opinion) bits of dialogue…and then I ended up scrapping it. It’s for the best, the story makes more sense but it’s also pretty much drastically changed from what I thought it was at the beginning, and it’s jarring.¬†Writing is weird. It’s like the story existed out there all along and I’m just a translator for it, an archeologist getting it down on paper, and I was shining my flashlight at only one part of the wall all this time. That might be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever written.

What are you guys up to this weekend? Tomorrow JAMAL and I are playing mini-golf and then taking my Mommom out for dinner for her birthday. She turned 88 on Tuesday! Sunday I want to throw the windows open and spend some quality time with that notebook. Have a great one, kiddos.

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  1. I still have a scrap of paper from back in my writing days. I woke up in the middle of the night and scribbled in lopsided, hard to read blurry pencil something like this: “He comes to her. She is there. They go back.” Inspired! Brilliant! I absolutely HAD to get that down on paper in the middle of the night so I wouldn’t forget it!


    Sounds like just the best weekend to me, my lovely. Tell your Mommom happiest of birthdays from me!

  2. I use a mont blanc too :)
    I have about four thousand partially used moleskines. I don’t really get on with them so have now switched my allegiance to Midori. Much better! And the covers are clear so you can draw on the front of it too :)
    Have a fab weekend, xxx

      1. Not sure. I don’t get on with the hard covers and they are rubbish for left handed people as I can’t get into the groove as Madonna would say. I think perhaps I find them too blokey and worky x

  3. I am such a scribbler. I have a notebook that I carry around in my bag and my coworkers accuse me of ‘writing in my diary’ at work. I have such a terrible memory though, it’s really quite useful. I think it’s a good thing that you can see the forest through the trees and I’m sure the final product will be a lot better because of it.

  4. sundance film festival this weekend… yeehah! and hopefully some sleep! :) happy birthday to your mommom… 88 is a pretty special number indeed!

  5. I have to write things down. i have notebooks and scraps of paper all over my house. I misplace them immediately but there is something about writing with a pen/pencil on paper that keep (most) things in my memory bank. I need one for my bedside because I always think I will “remember that in the morning” and I am pretty sure I never once remembered one of those late night thoughts the next morning.

    I think your writing process sums of life in general. You have a plan, you think it will go one way and then it often takes you in another direction. It’s all part of the path. If you did have those plans and take those notes, you probably wouldn’t have gotten to where you found out you actually wanted to be with it all. So it’s really exciting! (even if jarring).

    My weekend, ugh! You know what I am up to, which is actually making forward to monday : ) Enjoy yours enough for me too! (I’ll get ya back someday) xoxo

  6. I have such a love for notebooks and stationary. However, I still always go back to my favorite leather bound journal that I bought in middle school, and I just buy inserts to refill it. It’s comforting, like your dads pen, to have something old and with roots.
    I hope my Sunday is like yours – open window and relaxing on the couch. We also got a bunch of new plants so I’m looking forward to the solace that gardening brings.

  7. Oh, your Moleskine is lovely, and red. I’m due for a new one. I want a black hard bound with lines but, for some reason, I’m having a hard time finding one. You would think that option would be readily available. I’m also a crazy Post-It lady and have them stuck around my computer screen and (yes) tucked into my Moleskine. And now I want a Mont Blanc just so I can leave it to my children.
    I like hearing about your writing process and how you’re letting the story lead you. I remember Lamott talking about this process in her book and I thought it was so interesting. I imagine it would force you to really pay attention. Like Christine said, it’s much like life. Who knew writing was so existential? Well, I suppose writers do. ;)
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend and dinner celebrating your Mommom’s 88th birthday! I bet she has some great stories to tell.

  8. I’d be totally lost without a notebook (not because I am writing an awesome book like you, but because I am a nutter and compulsively make lists…). It orders my thoughts to have everything written down and on paper. Lauren, your comment made me laugh out loud!

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