Eleven Years Later, pt. 2

Remember this picture, from Friday’s post about our mini high school reunion?


We thought it would be hilarious to try to recreate it. But maybe someone should have told us to attempt it before we went to a happy hour with $4 margaritas, then out for sushi where we split a bottle of wine (where we ran into yet another Masterman grad on the street after dinner. For such a small school we sure are everywhere), and then back to Vanessa’s apartment where we raided her liquor cabinet.

But no one did, so this happened:







This is the best we came up with. We realized after the fact that we were only able to successfully lift a Moldovan the first time around because she’d started on the bed, we hadn’t made her trust-fall onto us and lift her from the ground. Masterman may be the number one school in the state, but we sure as hell lack common sense skills. Also I am still a giantess and my friends are all midgets, what gives.

Diana left yesterday morning and we all miss her like crazy already. My liver and wallet are recuperating nicely, however.

10 thoughts on “Eleven Years Later, pt. 2

  1. Look at how happy you all are! I thought about you guys a lot this weekend. Just knowing you were having fun. That’s good. XO

  2. i love the second photo from the bottom. i am a midget too so you can add another midget to your life. unless of course they are all really, really small and you are only 5’3″, then of course i am also a giant amongst extra small people. xoxo

  3. This post definitely brought a smile to my face today! You guys all look so radiant and happy! Our clan from high school hasn’t been together in 9 years now (although scary fact: it’s our 10 year reunion next year – how did that happen)!?

  4. Looks like it could have been successful! Yet it wasn’t. Also – I’m the tall amazon among my friends, so I can totally relate to being the giantess. We look great in skinny jeans but can never wear heels without looking like we belong in the circus..

  5. If these are the kinds of friendships that stem from having attended Masterman, I’m thinking I want my kids to go there. ;) Happy you all thought of this idea (I can almost hear you guys in fits of laughter) and had a fun weekend together. I agree with Santa, you haven’t aged one bit.

  6. Brilliant! what a lot of fun. None of you look any older, what’s the secret then lady?
    trust-fall – love it!

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