Be Back Tomorrow

Today is going to be a hectic day (my office is moving to a new building and instead of doing it over a weekend like a normal company, they’re kicking us all out today at noon and completing the move tomorrow) and I have a big post planned for tomorrow, so I don’t have anything really planned for today. You’ll have to forgive my brevity, but I’ll see you all back here Friday.

In the meantime, THIS HAPPENED:


You’re welcome.

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April 4, 2013 / random / LEAVE A COMMENT / 12


  • Oh gosh, we moved offices last year (after being in the same building for well over 60 years) – also on a weekday! Me, my back and wits are still traumatised by the experience! Good luck!

    • Oh gosh, thankfully they’re at least hiring movers but I wouldn’t put it past them to make us do it ourselves!! The good news is you survived so there is hope for me yet! I am just very averse to change, so this should be fun….:)

  • Is that Bruce Willis? I’m confused!

    • ARE YOU JOKING? How dare you confuse Anderson Cooper with Bruce Willis!! For shame!! AC is a gorgeous silver fox, and he’s a news anchor for CNN. See here for reference:

  • Thank you very much! I needed that, “giggle”

  • What a task to move during the week! I hope your office doesn’t make you set up all of the ikea furniture. My fiancés company asked people to come in for the week to assemble furniture, or they could take the week off. We obviously used that opportunity to go on vacation haha.

  • your reply comments are cracking me up! i remember when anderson cooper was the host of that show “the mole” remember that show? i loved it! or maybe i just loved anderson cooper. all my crushes are on gay men with white hair. ooh, and larry david he’s got one out of two going for him but we might want to keep that crush just between us twinsys ; )

    so does that mean you get a couple days off? or a day and a half. if so woot! if not boo:( i am excited about your post tomorrow . . . xoxo

  • I think he looks like Max Headroom x

  • Thank you! Ha! …PS the worst bit about moving office is setting up everything again, I’m a complete tech phobe and have to spend hours schmoozing trying to get office geeks to wire things up for me! It’s exhausting!

  • Awesome. That is all.

  • No apologies necessary and, yes, thank you for the giggles. I think it’s awesome that your company is moving during the work week and giving you all time off. Again, can I work there? ;)
    @Christine – Yes, I do remember AC from The Mole! That show was so good.