A Home in Provence



This house, in Aix-en-Provence, took my breath away. It’s never encouraging when, instead of a dollar amount, Sotheby’s lists “Price Upon Request” but I am not letting that deter me. I must have this house.








The inside is less impressive than the grounds — a whopping 400 acres of finely manicured French countryside are yours for the wandering once you hand over a few million euros (and I’m being conservative with that estimate). I know life is all about being happy where you are and with what you have, but come on, did you guys see that canopy of vines over the outdoor dining area? I could be happy here. All that French ivy and those pale shutters? I’d move in and make the whole third floor my writing wing. What do you like the most? And who wants to indulge me and pretend this palace is anywhere near my budget?

11 thoughts on “A Home in Provence

  1. Oh my goodness those gardens are perfect!!! all that sunshine and greenery and the shady spots for lunch. Absolute heaven and doesn’t have that parched look of the med.
    I want to go there!

  2. I have always wanted an entryway like that entry…where the outside and the inside blend into one. I can picture dogs running in and out and setting the mail and perhaps a leash or two on that bench as I toe off my boots.

    We walked to town you know, for coffee and to pick up our letters. The dogs came along. I had them on their leashes even though the shopkeepers know them and they don’t mind, instead leaving bowls of water by the front stoop. The bookshop always lets them drink from the most delicate blue bowl, rimmed with flowers, and each time I marvel at that. But today we didn’t linger. I was impatient. As soon as we rounded the bend and saw the house at the end of the drive, I let them run, and they beat me, muddy and panting, to the house. I barely noticed. Your letter came today, and I read and re-read it as I walked. It’s been six months almost to the day since the last one. I set this too on the bench beside the door, its pages fiuttering to the floor alongside the dangling leash as I walked, stocking footed now, into the library, looking for a glass of wine. Or perhaps even something stronger. Like gin.

  3. this is so my DREAM! (please let it come true someday!) my belly did a flop when i saw the outdoor dining area. and if i thought about how much i would love to live in a place such as this i will literally start crying. i am pretty sure it meets all of my childhood and adulthood fantasies. gardens, pool, beautiful entry, france . . . (not so much the plaid sofas)

    now considering i really do hope to live like this someday i could go for something maybe from a local restate broker with a fix-it-up price tag. i am happy, truly. but i know i could be happier ; )

  4. Dreamy! Wow, 400 acres gives a whole new meaning to, “Go out and play.” Imagine the adventures a person could have in that house. I wonder if owning such a home automatically mandates that a person heavily entertain. I suppose it would be selfish to keep it all to yourself. We should have such problems. ;)

  5. the canopy and the pool are what’s up…maybe if I put in a little OT I can swing that?

  6. Calgon take me away (and drop me off at this place). Erin, maybe when you buy this place, I can come work for you? Surely the pool boy will need an assistant…

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