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Today is our last full day in Paris, which we’re just going to ignore because that seemingly small fact is sending me into an existential crisis. While we’re making the most of the day, I’m happy to bring you another guest-post. Today I’m beyond lucky to have my twinsy extraordinaire, Christine from The Plumed Nest, sharing her wonderful west coast home with us. Check out that faux-wallpaper! 

Hi! I am Christine from The Plumed Nest and I am really excited to be here today at like/want/need to fill in for the lovely Erin while she is in Paris taking pictures for us. Today I will be sharing photos and talking a little bit about my home.

My home is in Portland, Oregon and while I have lived in other places, traversed a few spots around the globe and obsessively dream about moving abroad someday, Portland is a beautiful and creative city and I love living here. I live in a community of townhomes that were built in the 1930’s. There is so much I love about my place, it has beautiful wood floors, a wall of windows, huge gardens and lots of vintage charm.


My personal design taste is not limited. One day I might be dreaming of a shabby chic cottage, the next a mid-century ranch, and a few days after that an industrial loft. So with my love of so many different design styles I try to keep myself in check by decorating in a way that works with the style of my home. Additionally, as a renter, I am always looking for ways to make changes that don’t include knocking down walls or changing out cabinetry. Would I love to have a giant farmhouse kitchen? Sure I would. But I embrace the sweet vintage charm of mine with my 1950’s stove being one of my favorite things in my home. I try to look at the parts of my home I love as starting points to design around and augment them. I have changed out hardware on my cabinets, the light switch-plates, added window treatments and have done a lot of painting in every room!


A favorite place in my house is my dining and living area. I have three children, work from home and am by nature a homebody, so we spend a lot of time in this communal area. I recently painted this main living space all white to bring more light into my house, but in my innate need for a feeling of coziness I added some patterned interest to my dining wall. I love the vintage feel of it and how it helps define the space. The best secret behind it is that it’s actually shelf liner! Another great option for renters who can’t put up wallpaper.


Again, constantly balancing my role between mother and a person who works from home with my blog and my Etsy shop, we end up spending all our time in a shared space. It’s great because I can be many things at once and switch back and forth as needed, but it also means I am constantly on a mission to keep it light, bright and airy. It’s important to me that we can feel cozy and relaxed as a family and also feel the space is open enough for our minds to be focused and creative. My exception to this is books, I have several bookcases and books on top of books stacked in each of them. I love the feeling of being surrounded by books. It’s really important for me that my home to reflect all parts of me, the parts I am striving to be – like more organized (always trying to be more organized!) and the parts that are firmly rooted like my love of books, my family and art.



Thanks so much for having me Erin! I can’t wait to see all those fabulous pictures from Paris!


I can’t get over how impeccibly clean her house is for having three kids! She certainly puts me to shame :) I’m so jealous of all that sunlight, too, and that vintage desk (Christine said it was her grandparents’)! Thank you so much, Christine!

12 thoughts on “My Home: Christine of the Plumed Nest

  1. Oh, heaven. I think I must have been hoping we’d see your home without even knowing it, Christine! Love, love, love! What I love the most (aside from all the gorgeous pictures) is how you talk about your home. I think about how we live in our home all the time and it feels, from reading what you’ve said here, that we think about our spaces in similar ways. You’ve done such a brilliant job in a space that you’re in a lot (I’m a homebody too). I love it. Makes me want to come and stay awhile. ;)

  2. It’s exactly how I imagined it would be – beautiful, creative and cosy. I also really loved your description of each space, I could close my eyes and picture the space without the pictures! I think your dining area is wonderful. My husband and I eat at the breakfast bar and regularly kick each other in the shins so I am so envious over your beautiful table and chairs. Oh also have to mention how much I love your sofa!

  3. I love the shelf liner paper! I’m just like you, one day I feel rustic and the next I feel industrial. I can get a sense of both in your home! I think having white as your blank slate makes it easier for you to change it up when you want!

  4. Another wonderful home tour. Erin, have I already mentioned that I love this theme? Well, I do.
    Love your home, Christine. As I mentioned on your blog, I love all the pieces you brought into your home, both vintage and old. The wallpaper is shelf liner?! Now that’s so smart! Thanks for inviting us all into your home and describing so beautifully what it means to you.

  5. Aww Christine, thanks so much for sharing your home. It’s adorable! You’ve made it into such a cozy home, even if you are just renting.

    Travel home safe Erin!

  6. this definitely has such a lovely ‘home’ vibe about it… & i want to steal that portrait hanging in your lounge! :)

  7. Christine your place is so charming! It has a great mixture between modern and vintage. Especially like our desk area and the dining area. What a great idea! Love that you made the apartment your home with details like the great shelf liner wallpaper . We did that too with our last two rentals. Not the faux wallpaper but improving on everything that wasn’t major renovations or very costly ;) Thank you for the tour!

  8. Thanks again for having me over! There’s no place like home for me so I could talk about it for days. Thanks for all your super lovely comments!

    @Meghan that is the biggest compliment! I love hearing that it looks like you imagined : )

    @Lauren, see I am way more neutral than b&w and a little more vintage than modern – i just love it all.

    @yelle and nina – i also like the shelf liner because i will probably grow tired of it at some point and it’s so easy (and inexpensive) to change. and yes, white is the perfect back drop for indecisive designers!

    Merci beaucoup mes amis!

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