La Case de Cousin Paul

I feel like we spent the majority of our time in Paris either shopping or eating. I think that’s the best way to spend your money, though, if you’re going to go to Paris. One of the stores we passed in Montmartre that I wish we’d gotten to browse was La Case de Cousin Paul.


via La Case de Cousin Paul

They sell string lights and decorative colored balls, and you mix and match whichever colors you’d like to make up a set of string light garland. They also have pre-chosen kits in beautiful hues, but I think it’s more fun to pick your own. A strand of 20 balls is €22, 35 balls is €32, and 50 is €42. Kind of a steal. Unfortunately they were closed somehow both times we stumbled past the shop, so I’ve been getting my kicks playing around on their website, designing my own strands.


You can add them to the string yourself by dragging and dropping, or putting 8 colors in the “Random Cart” and letting it generate an order for you. There are almost 50 colors to chose from, and they ship to the US (for a fairly reasonable €17,50). To say I’m having analysis paralysis trying to decide is putting it mildly. Do I make one for the living room, or be super crazy and make one for a future nursery? And then, of course, I’m stuck doing something gender neutral. Problems. I have them.

Next time I’m in Paris I’m going to nerd out so hard at this store.

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  1. Next time, next time. I want a map and a journal of blogs and books that are your must sees, reads and dos, just in case I get there the way we actually might. Fingers crossed.

    Also, I’d never ever ever EVER be able to decide. Especially standing in the store faced with all those colors.

    Did you get your medicine cart? XO

    1. A duh. Any excuse to plan an itinerary and play tour guide! I’d have a lot of fun with that task, haha, as you probably could have guessed.

      I got the medicine cabinet! I’ll do a post on it this week! xoxo

  2. oh my goodness, if anyone ever steps foot in that store with me i would never hear the end of it, that is if they decided to ever talk to me again. hours! hours it would take me to decide. but i like that blue.
    gender neutral really only excludes pink – and even then a little boy and can have a pink light or two. and m&l love pink. especially milo, he has pink flip-flops and a pink hat, he always choices pink from ice cream to crayons. so. . . : )

    ooo, and yes, did you get that medicine cabinet??!! i think that is actually what motivated me to stop at the estate sale this weekend. i been thinkn’ bout that thing since you shared it. it’s was pretty amazing. xoxo

    1. You and I could go together! We’d have to, no one else would be able to tolerate us. I think it was actually a blessing in disguise the store was closed. I think JAMAL would have taken back his engagement offer after dawdling around there while I spent 3 hours debating between colors, haha.

      I did get the medicine cabinet!! It was easier and less anxiety-producing than I anticipated. I’ll do a full post later this week on it. I’m still so squeal-y about it!! xoxo

  3. What a great idea- and so many yummy colors to chose from! I’m sure it would take me many visits to decide on a color scheme as well.

    1. Haha, yes! I could make up so many different combinations of colors I’d have to buy multiple strands! xo

  4. 20 balls for almost $30 doesn’t seem like a steal to me. Can’t you make this same thing with stuff from IKEA?

    IDK. Anyway, they are pretty!

    I want to know about the medicine cabinet too!

    1. Ha, I guess it’s all relative. The thing about these is the balls are made of string, so they’re pretty intricate. I guess I could hack something together, but I’d prefer to let the pros do it for me. Most lamps are around $30 anyway, aren’t they? It’s definitely not a necessity, but sometimes you just want something cutesy :) xoxo

  5. how odd and fun! reminds me of the playgrounds filled with colorful plastic balls… you KNOW those were always the hit place to be!

    1. Oh yeah! That’s why I like these light sets so much, they’re whimsical and remind me of childhood! Everyone needs something fun like this every once in a while :) xoxo

  6. For a second there, I really thought you had a cousin Paul and this was his house. It’s a good thing I can read and practiced that skill to discover this is a fun little store in Paris! What a fantastical idea for a store. I wouldn’t know what colors to pick either. Oh wait, yes I do – gray, white, black and 2-3 red balls. ;) Gosh, these would look great in E’s room, which we are currently redecorating. What a nice coincidence. Thanks, Erin! x

    1. Haha, I WISH! Are you kidding? If I had French family members I’d never leave! :) If you do end up buying a strand for E’s room, you have to promise to send photos! I bet that would look so cool in her room. xoxo

  7. Be crazy. Make one for a nursery. That’s what my best friend would do. Actually, she’d make 2, one set for a girl and one set for a boy, you know, since you never can tell. Me, I’m crazy enough to fly back to Paris just to make them in person. Priorities, right?

    1. Haha, I like your friend! I might just make one strand that is gender neutral and looks good anywhere in the house, and potentially put it in a nursery when the time comes. Though my neurotic streak might lead me to believe that the lights would catch fire and room would burn down. Obviously. Haha. xoxo

  8. For a second I thought these were lollipops! They are great. And I wouldn’t worry for the nursery colours too much, do whatever takes your fancy. Freddie used to wear pink and blue leggins as a baby and I loved it.

  9. Oh what a fun store! I would have a REALLY hard time picking out colors too :-) Guess that means you’ll need to get 2 (or 3)!

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