Tuesday Tunes

(I use the term loosely)

Today’s video isn’t so much a song, but rather an hilarious cat video our French teacher, Rachel, showed us last night in class. It mocks black and white French existential movies and combines everyone’s favorite internet sensation: sassy felines. And yes, we actually watched this in class. It was the highlight of the night, along with a game we played where each of us had to pronounce “un, en, on, in.” That’s surprisingly more difficult than you’d imagine, as each of them are a little similar but different enough to be really confusing, and we all ended up making ridiculous faces trying to over-pronounce each one. Have I mentioned that I love French class? I LOVE FRENCH CLASS. I signed up for the next session of courses, and they start March 11th, the Monday I’ll be in Paris. Rachel laughed and said she thinks I get a free pass for missing a class to be in Paris. Well, non duh.

Anyway, le chat!

It’s not nearly as cute as the little French girl telling a story, but then again, what is?

PS. I want to thank all of you for your kind and incredibly supportive and uplifting comments yesterday. I promise I wasn’t compliment fishing when I wrote that post (to be fair, I didn’t even know the direction it would take when I started it) but I’m humbled by how amazing you guys all are. Seriously. 

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

  1. was this a lost film found in the vault of godard? ha! i love french film probably more than i love any one form of entertainment/art and i was kind of into this. i could have kept watching for at least another 8 minutes. what will happy to le chat? will he eat les oiseaux ou le rat? well i am off to find out if there is a part trois. xoxo

  2. I am so thrilled that you take French class because it makes me so nostalgic for when I had French class! We too would watch videos in French. I had an Advanced French Conversation class and our final exam was to present a video (in French) to the class . Most of them were so humorous – just like this one :)

  3. This was so funny, Erin. The whipped cream they leave on the counter is not whipped cream. You have a really cool teacher! You definitely get a pass from missing class because you’ll be in Paris. Shoot, you get extra credit.
    PS~I feel the same way when I write a particularly personal post, like I’m fishing for sympathy or compliments. Silly, isn’t it? Sometimes you just need to talk about these things and it feels good to have a positive community in which share some of those thoughts. x

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