Tuesday Tunes

My favorite thing about being home alone is all the time I get to spend with my favorite classical music station playing through the house. It’s not like Boyfriend has banned it when he’s around, but it’s really something I prefer to do alone, in private. It’s one of those meditative, singular pursuits like examining your pores in a magnifying mirror or busting out the complete choreography to the Spice Girls’ “Spice Up Your Life.” Sitting quietly on the sofa with a mug of tea and Rachmaninoff’s Symphony No. 2 filling the room…well, it’s pretty reverential to me. I take after my dad in that respect. It reminds me of the quiet mornings we had at his house, with the same station playing on the same radio I have now.

The morning host interviewed Canadian violinist Angele Dubeau and featured her string ensemble’s performance of famous movie soundtracks. I was in the shower, when suddenly, the theme from “Cinema Paradiso” started playing. It stopped me in my tracks, literally froze me in place. My dad adored that movie and made it a point to show it to me at a young age. It was one of those moments that was so perfect, so many things that meant so much to me all coming together unexpectedly. If you haven’t seen it, you need to, immediately, and if you have, I don’t need to tell you how beautiful and touching and heartbreaking it is, and why I was moved to tears listening to the song in the shower.



It’s an Italian masterpiece, following the friendship of Toto and Alfredo, set in a movie theater that bears the name of the film. The movie won both an Oscar and a Golden Globe in 1989 for “Best Foreign Film,” along with a slew of BAFTAs and the Grand Prix at Cannes the same year. The soundtrack is stunning; composer Ennio Morricone seriously knows how to tug at your heartstrings. Today’s Tuesday Tunes had to be this performance:

Have you seen it? Have I convinced you to?

20 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

  1. I have seen it, but it’s been years. We should rent it soon. And as always, you inspire me to have more music on in the house. Moving, so moving to read this today, dear.

  2. I haven’t seen that one, but I am totally willing to track it down! I actually adore classical music, so much so that I got the f-holes from a violin tattooed on my back, which mirrors my love for art and 1920s Paris!

    1. It should be easy to come by, it’s a classic at this point! I think they just released it on Blue Ray. It’s definitely worth seeing, just have tissues at the ready! xo

    1. Thanks, Alexandra! I do love Carin’s blog and check it everyday. Most of the time it makes my heart ache from how beautiful her pictures are! xoxo

  3. i love that movie, it’s one of my most favorites. i think it’s one of the ones that made me fall in love with foreign films.

    in other news i was downplaying how sick i am on my blog because i make pillows and all . . . i am so sick, oh my goodness. i am really hoping it lets up here soon!! cross your fingers for me! xo

    1. I can absolutely see that, it’s like a gateway drug in its wonderfulness. :) And I’m so sorry you’re still so sick! I’m crossing fingers and toes and sending you virtual tissues and hot tea! Poor dear. xoxo

  4. Oh no I haven’t. Feel that I should have done though so I will investigate. Have you seen Life is Beautiful? That is similar and lovely x

    1. You absolutely need to! I’ve seen Life is Beautiful and I prefer Cinema Paradiso. Probably because there aren’t any nazis. xo

  5. I have another tab open so I can listen to this song on repeat as I comment. ;) I know I’ve seen this movie, but it’s been so long that I can’t remember it. I must have watched it in 1990 with my college boyfriend. This post is just a wonderful reminder that I need to see it again. Thank you!

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