Two Years

Two years ago today, a lonely, unemployed girl drunkenly decided to start a blog. That girl was me (thankfully, for my liver’s sake, I became employed just a month after) and that was this blog. I’ve now been blogging for two whole years, which is both crazy and surprising to me. It’s also my darling Annie’s birthday today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANNIE!), which I couldn’t have known when I started blogging, but that means we are inextricably linked forever in bloggy friendship.


In the past two years, I’ve gotten a dog, been to Belgium, successfully stalked and met Gary Oldman, started writing a book, attempted a 365 project twice, shopped a lot, and met some wonderful people. This year is looking really bright for me, especially considering I’m leaving for Paris in less than a month OH MY GOD. I have some exciting things coming up, and I’m curious to see where the next year takes me. Of course, I’ll be blogging the entire time, filling your browsers with macarons and awkward Gary Oldman musings. I’m so grateful to each and every single one of you for stopping by and filling my day with joy, because really, that’s what you do.

Happy 2 Years, like/want/need. I love this little blog so, so much.

PS. My most viewed post.

PPS. This is also my 410th post. WHOA.

Happy Town in France


You may remember my total adoration of artist Matte Stephens’ work (see here) so it will please you to know I am now the proud owner of one of his fabulous prints. I’m doubly excited because this particular one is called “Happy Town in France.” I mean, come on. The colors are so much more vibrant and cheery than this picture suggests. The print arrived wonderfully packed with a sweet handwritten note from Matte last week, and this weekend I finally found the perfect frame for it. Now I just have to find the perfect spot to hang it, but I can’t stop snuggling it long enough. I love how whimsical and sweet his work is, and I’m afraid this print is kind of like a gateway drug; I need more of them, now.

Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching, so if you’re looking for the perfect, original gift for someone special (or yourself!), definitely check out Matte’s shop. This one would make such a romantic present.

Happy Weekend


Boyfriend returns home from India tonight, though with the impending snowstorm we’re being threatened with, I’m hoping his flight from London isn’t delayed. Not least because he’s bringing home Monster Munch and Aero bars, ahem. What? A girl can’t get a British snack-food fix? I have absolutely no plans on the agenda, which makes me incredibly happy. I might write some more, I might vacuum (I lead such a stimulating existence), but more than likely, I’ll be watching this.

I hope you have a quiet and wonderful weekend, kiddos.


This will surprise absolutely no one, I’m sure (especially because I’ve written about it before) but, and I hope you’re sitting down: I’m a humongous dork. And not just because I won a spelling bee in 6th grade or used to read an etymological dictionary for fun at dinner or had pet sea monkeys as recently as last year or that I stay home on Friday nights and watch documentaries hosted by Jeremy Irons about Henry IV and V investigating the discrepancies between Shakespeare’s plays and history or that I’ve never met a book on grammar I didn’t love (Boyfriend is a lucky guy!)(where was I going with this? oh, right!) but because I absolutely adore a particular British 90s sci-fi cult comedy show entitled “Red Dwarf.”


Hear me out.

Sure, the premise sounds dorky: lone human being (Dave Lister) living on a marooned space ship 3 million years in the future with the hologram simulation (Arnold J. Rimmer was the original Tupac) of his old bunk-mate and nemesis, a life form who evolved from Lister’s cat (called Cat), the ship’s computer (Holly) with an alleged IQ of 6000, and a service robot they pick up along the way (Kryten). There are tons of campy, cheesy jokes, tons of awful CGI effects (hey, the show aired from ’88-’99), and lots of improbable scenarios that you can only encounter in deep space (time travel, aliens, evil droids, your basic science fiction shenanigans). The show is, in a word, AMAZING.

I could blame it on my dad, who was my enabler through our early introduction to this show on late night public broadcast somewhere in 1997, and who funded my habit by buying me all of the VHS tapes of the series, but let’s be honest, this was all me. Don’t get me wrong, he loved the show, too. We had a solid few years at one point where our conversations together were conducted solely in quotes from the main characters, and we might have (MIGHT HAVE) belonged to the Red Dwarf Fan Club, a membership that provided us with quarterly magazines and our own, fabulous keychains. I even bought a t-shirt that was 5 sizes too large for me when my mom and I went to London in 2001 simply because it had Holly’s head on it with the show’s logo. I still have it. I REGRET NOTHING.

I never really got over the show; it was always there, lurking under the surface, waiting to strike again. It’d been a few years since I’d watched the whole series (all 8 seasons) straight through, so over the weekend I started over. And I come to find out, THEY MADE A WHOLE NEW SEASON LAST YEAR. Proof that cult classics never get old, the creators brought back the entire original cast for a mini-series of 4 episodes in 2009, and a full run of 10 episodes last year. How I’m just finding out about this NOW is beyond me, but don’t worry, I’ve ordered the DVD.

If you’re still following, thank you, and I’d like you to watch something. It’s a 10 minute compilation of some of the funniest moments in the show’s history. Now, I realize that none of you will understand a single joke in this clip without knowing the ridiculous premise of the show, or the character dynamics, but if it even elicits a single laugh, you’re on to something. The entire show is available through Amazon streaming, and yeah, it’s pretty much what I’ve been doing the last 5 days.

Okay, so what’s your nerdiest tv show confession? Bonus points if you top mine.

Pack Your Bags




This 2500sq ft apartment in the 16eme of Paris has 4 bedrooms, a maid’s room, and, magically, a cellar, even though it’s on the 4th floor. I would keep it exactly as it is (aside from those curtains and that horrid bulbous light fixture) and I’d gladly sleep on a mattress with tons of fluffy white blankets, smack dab in the middle of the living room. There would be no cursing, no smoking, and we’d eat nothing but macarons and tea. Fitz wouldn’t shed even a single hair.

Now, which of you is going to give me $3.3m?

Friday Five

I am so, so happy January is over, I can’t even begin to describe it. The relief is palpable. January was a shitty month, and I know it wasn’t its fault entirely, but I’m ready to move on from this month and leave it behind. 2013 can only go up from here, right? Right.

February was supposed to be the month I didn’t spend any money, per my 26 in 26 list, but I’m thinking that’s going to have to wait until later in the year. Not only because it’s the last few weeks leading up to my Paris trip, but also because, and you might have heard me shrieking about this all the way where you are, but the New Kids on the Block are going back on tour and tickets go on sale tomorrow. I AM SO PUMPED. You might remember previous references to them, but rest assured that my obsession has only spiraled wildly out of control in the intervening months, doubling in insanity the past few weeks after I found out about this new tour.

So yeah, not buying anything? Not gonna work. Especially since this week’s Friday Five kicks off the month of February, and I want everything in it:


1. Pillowcases / 2. Towels / 3. Agate Trivet / 4. Shelf / 5. Ring

This might be one of my favorite round-ups ever. Everything is so bright and colorful and do we need to talk about those pillowcases? Non, we do not. I’m thinking about buying a set of those towels and that little metal shelf for the powder room, only both are too cute to actually use. And I know agate is having a comeback, but that beautiful blue coaster needs to make an appearance in my house soon. Both the coaster and the (gorgeous) ring are from the delightful Leif Shop.

What are you up to this weekend? I’m spending Sunday morning with my nieces and am really looking forward to it. Tomorrow I have a hot date with my sweatpants and that book I’m writing. Remember that? Me neither, it’s been so long since I’ve devoted any real stretch of time to it. Have a great one, kiddos!