I Was Wrong About ‘Girls’

Do you know how much I hate being wrong? More than I hate people who “don’t get the hype about Paris.” So I’ll just cop to this and get it out of the way: “Girls” is pretty good. Okay, “Girls” is awesome. I still stand by the original assessment I made after watching the pilot episode a year ago that Lena Dunham is kind of grating and needs to stop being naked on tv, but after marathoning through season 1 on Friday and season 2 on Saturday, it’s safe to say I’m a fan. I love the characters and the ridiculous scenarios, and though there’s been a fair amount of criticism of the show being “just another group of privileged white girls in New York,” a lot of it rings true for me about being a 20-something navigating life and relationships. It’s like the awkward junior version of “Sex and the City,” to borrow a comparison made about a million other times already.

This scene was the most striking for me from season 1. And because I need to do a better job of informing you when things are Not Safe for Work (see Friday’s post with the Courbet crotch-shot, sorry guys), the following clip would best be listened to with headphones, and by that I mean, listen to this with headphones because it’s vulgar and could get you fired.

Kind of insane, right?

In my Internet Squirreling for the specific font the show uses in the opening credits (what? I’m a typography nerd), I found this fascinating article over on Imprint. An LA based design company created the typeface for the show’s title (top), which looks oddly, suspiciously like Neutraface by House Industries (bottom).


Um, okay. I bet buying the font package from House Industries would have been cheaper than hiring an agency to basically copy it for them. Still, seeing these photos of the design process were pretty interesting:




Do you watch “Girls”? All the episodes are on demand if you, like me, are off today for President’s Day! How was your weekend? Speaking of more tv, did anyone watch the Downton Abbey season finale last night? TEARS.

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  • Oh my goodness… I am still recovering from Downton. Utter disbelief. I feel like I need to watch a Disney movie or something. I can only take so many unhappy endings.

    • I think even Disney movies would be too tragic in my fragile state…that episode seriously made me bawl my eyes out. xo

  • you have finally come over to the other side, now we can be like siamese twins (which would be awesome because then i would have to accompany you to paris. how many tickets would we have to buy? hmmm, i have never thought of that before. i’ll google it later.). girls is gooooood. i love do lena dunham and, yes, she actually is a privileged white kid but she’s pretty brilliant and she obviously has other issues. by the middle of season two i got pretty used to her nakedness.

    and downton, geez! i would stop having ***ies if i were that family. it doesn’t seem to bode well for the adults. i shed some serious tears this season, it was a doozy.

    • Haha, our twin status has reached new levels: Siamese! I can just imagine you googling away, trying to phrase the question, “How many tickets do you Siamese twins have to buy on an airplane?” By the way, if you ever find out the answer to that question, let me know! Now I’m curious, too. I would sneak you in my suitcase if you wanted me to ;)

      And I’m not knocking privileged white girls, I am one after all. I just think I’m on Team Marnie (or, let’s be honest, Team Shoshanna). xoxo

  • Um I’m one of the people who “don’t get the hype about Paris”!
    I really badly want to see Girls, have done for ages. But we don’t have Sky so can’t watch it :(

    • Well then booooooo to you. Paris is fabulous and you are crazy ;)

      You guys can’t get Netflix over there, can you? It’s on there! It’s really a great show. Maybe you’ll have to wait like we do for Downton to make it over here 6 months late. Womp womp. xoxo

  • I’ve heard great things about this show, but I haven’t seen it yet. Mainly because I don’t have HBO.

    I haven’t seen Downton season finale yet. But I saw your tweet last night. I was too afraid to reply to it though. I don’t want to know..I’m almost there!!

    • HBO is fine, but if you’re only going to have one premium channel, I’d go with Showtime for ‘Homeland.’ Now THERE is a show you need to get into!!

      Let me know when you finish Downton! I’ll be here to hand you tissues, promise. xo

  • Hm, all signs seem to be pointing me in the direction of this show. By that I mean I need to watch it. You are one of many people (whose opinion I trust) that has recommended this show. I love that you stumbled across the making of the “Girls” title and creative process. Pretty neat stuff.
    PS~I don’t watch Downtown Abbey [sad face]. I have been catching up on all my Tivo’d Bill Maher shows.

    • Definitely watch it! The episodes are only half hours, so you can roll through them pretty quickly. I was a late hold-out, I’ll admit. When you’re finished with Girls (and all your Bill Mahr – love!) then move on to Downton. That’s a much more dense show, so you’re in for a commitment with that one. But it. is. PHENOMENAL! xoxo

  • I’m watching the latest season On Demand and haven’t seen Sunday’s episode. So Erin, I basically did not read this post for fear of a spoiler alert. Although, I have to say, this season so far has had some pretty nasty arguments: Hannah and the roommate, Charlie’s girlfriend attacking Marni and then Jess and her 2 week husband. What the….(I’m also avoiding any Downton spoilers because I am saving it up for a day when hubby’s out of town :-)

    • Yeah, the show is a lot more angsty than the first season, unless you count the giant blow-up between Marnie and Hannah at the end of season 1. Such a good show! And when you finally get into Downton, let me know!! You’ll sit down to watch one episode and then be 4 episodes in before know it, it’s that addictive. xoxo

      • Ok, just watched Season 2 Episode 6 and came back to read your post: not a spoiler post and I should have read it yesterday :-) Oh , no- I am in deep with Downton Abbey, I just meant I hadn’t watched the most recent episode!

  • Yikes. This looks like it could get me hooked. I am not sure if we have it here in the UK (must go on fact finding mission ASAP). This weekend might be a write-off for me!

    • Oh, be ready to devote a good chunk of time because once you start, you can’t get off the couch! The good thing is the episodes are only 30 minutes each, which makes it feel faster, haha. Enjoy!!

  • Aha, a strong contender for us Sex and the City fans. Never heard of this show but I will have to look it up – don’t know if it’s on here in the UK ? And for the tragedy of Downton, life never runs smoothly for Lady Mary but I’m sure there’ll be something positive for her on the horizon. Until it’s back on our screens, we have Mr Selfridge and Ripper Street to feed all our costume drama needs x

    • Annie says it’s available on Sky! I’d check it out if I were you, I have a feeling you’ll like it :) It’s a lot more awkward and “real” than Sex and the City, which makes sense since they’re all young 20-somethings just figuring things out. I seriously have to find Mr. Selfridge now that you’ve mentioned it twice!! xoxo

  • I love this show, the second series didn’t start brilliantly but picked up very quickly. Downton and their drama, was that series 2 or 3? Or the Christmas special? x

    • Downton season 3! It just ended here, they showed the Christmas special on Sunday and I’m still crying about it. HORRIBLE. Julian Fellows is a monster, haha. xo

  • I adore GIRLS. I wasn’t really into it at first – and there are definitely still lingering times where I’m thinking, “Lena Dunham’s character is so annoying” but that’s part of the charm, right? As for Downton Abbey, say no more! I’m rushing through season 2 to catch up. I cannot stop watching!

    • Yes, definitely all part of the charm. And I think I like Lena Dunham, just not her character. It’s hard to separate the two because I feel like one is very much based on the other. I’ll keep mum on Downton, but hurry hurry hurry!!! xo

  • How funny! This EXACT scene was on Finnish telly the other day, and, now that I live in the North Pole, I had no idea about Girls. I watched Jorma (which is a Finnish name, to add to the coincidence) be all manny and had to google translate the title of the show from Finnish to English to find out what it was!

    Long story short, I totally ordered the ENGLISH lang version from Amazon, so in, hm, four weeks (hrrng) I might know the secret of Girls too.

    Also I got really excited about the typeface too. It’s well nice! If you want to see a RUBBISH one, just for contrast, look at the opening titles of David Lynch’s daughter’s film “Chained”. It’s scarier than the film. Which wasn’t scary at all, but still. Horrid horrid horrid.