Happy Weekend


Boyfriend returns home from India tonight, though with the impending snowstorm we’re being threatened with, I’m hoping his flight from London isn’t delayed. Not least because he’s bringing home Monster Munch and Aero bars, ahem. What? A girl can’t get a British snack-food fix? I have absolutely no plans on the agenda, which makes me incredibly happy. I might write some more, I might vacuum (I lead such a stimulating existence), but more than likely, I’ll be watching this.

I hope you have a quiet and wonderful weekend, kiddos.

11 thoughts on “Happy Weekend

  1. Aww, how lovely! There’s nothing quite like a loved one returning from a long trip AND bearing gifts, is there? :D

    Fingers crossed for the weather! xo

  2. that bed looks so cozy and i’d pretty much give a limb for a window like that next to mine. hope bf gets home safely! i hate flying so i say delay away with a monster snowstorm on its way. i think i have finally turned a corner with the help of some antibiotics so i am hoping to get some things done this weekend! xoxo

  3. I hope he makes it back, I know how much you must be looking forward to those monster munch! (that bed image is gorgeous, I love the light).

  4. Here’s hoping the boyfriend got home safe and sound… with Monster Munch (flaming hot, pickled onion or roast beef???) and Aero safely ensconced in his bag! I had no idea you didn’t get Aero in the States, that needs to be rectified STAT!

  5. Hope J got back okay despite the damn weather, have you eaten your way through those yummy goodies yet ? I’m imagining you had a cosy and leisurely weekend inside together, wonderful. Mine isn’t due back from your neck of the woods until Friday, it will be two weeks since he left. It’s nice at the beginning but it’s nicer to have them back :-) x

  6. Monster Munch are ace! Good taste you have had.
    Glad J is back now.
    I watched Lincoln yesterday. DDL is utterly unbelievable, I didn’t even know it was him!

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