Happy Valentine’s Day!

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My mom sent me two of the greatest Valentine’s Day cards of all time. This one (which, sorry, has to be one of the funniest and mostĀ appropriateĀ cards ever. She even signed it from Fitz and drew a little paw print!) and one with a little Eiffel Tower on the front, the inside of which read, “I love you an Eiffel lot.” Perfect, right?

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Are you pro or anti V-day? It’s a pretty polarizing holiday, especially among women, isn’t it? What are you doing to celebrate, if anything?

12 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. I love that second card. R has told me there’s no way I’m ever getting a V card from him as he’s always exhausted from my birthday :)

  2. Hooray for Mommy Moo :-) That card was made for you.
    I’m fully pro-V Day, there shouldn’t be just one day a year dedicated to romance but with all the routine stuff that goes on in everyday life, isn’t it a wonderful excuse just to be really lovely to each other and experience that love in return.
    Although, no card has arrived for me yet!
    Happy Valentines Day x

  3. Haha, brilliant!!! Love Mommy Moo’s sense of humour. :D

    I’m ambivalent about Valentine’s Day. I think random and simple loving gestures (affectionate notes tucked into pockets, etc.) should be part of the natural fabric of everyday life but I guess once a year is better than nothing at all for some.

    That said, The Hubster is making me a three-course gourmet dinner tonight even though he does most of the cooking, anyway. :D

    Have a lovely day, kiddo! xoxo

  4. looooooooooove that card… i’m a bit divided on v day i suppose… i’m definitely not opposed to people stopping & commemorating their love for one another… i guess i just don’t understand why there has to be a pre-determined day for doing so, & such a commercially-exploited one at that…. we don’t really do the whole valentines day in our household… it’s more about our birthdays and anniversary here… dates that have some real significance for us to celebrate… and if the lad ever gave me a stuffed toy with a heart on it i would know instantaneously he’s not the man for me… that being said, viva l’amour!

  5. well now i know where you get your sense of humor : ) i think that “i love you an eiffel lot” is the most perfect thing in the world for you. how clever and cute is that?!

    oh i am pretty apathetic towards valentines day. i am not into it but i don’t hate. i just don’t celebrate it beyond a small gift exchange of chocolates . . . maybe if it was further away from christmas and my birthday i’d be more into it? hope yours is happy but i see it’s off to a pretty good start xoxo

  6. Those are awesome cards! Great job Mommy Moo! I actually love Valentine’s Day. Sometimes we go over the top, sometimes now. This year is kind of middle of the road. Callum’s getting a Nerf gun. Cause nothing says “I love you.” like adding to a 13 year old’s arsenal. ;)

  7. That card is so so cute! And that Eiffel tower pun is much better than ones I’ve heard in the past (like: Eiffel for you). Happy Vday!

  8. Your mom is awesome! In the past, I found myself either in the “love it” or “hate it” category. Now, I’m pretty ambivalent. As long as a heartfelt, loving sentiment is exchanged at some point in the day amongst our family, I’m good with that. Hope your day is mushy and gushy and full of love. xo

  9. Ha- that’s perfect! I’m pro, but stopped going out on this night a few years back. So it’ll be a quiet dinner at home. Happy Valentine’s Day Erin!

  10. Happy Valentine’s Day Erin! Both those cards are super cute. I have to confess I am pretty indifferent about V-day so I am not buying any presents but if I see a cute card I buy it. And of course I am happy when I receive a card, chocolates or flowers. Hope you had a day full of love! xx

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