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Not quite our typical Art Heists, though this does fit the bill: a new film by Danny Boyle called “Trance” is set to be released in a few weeks, and the premise is pretty intriguing. James McAvoy stars as a young auction house assistant, hired to steal a Goya by Vincent Cassel. I could stop right there and already be convinced to see it based on the overwhelming eye candy the movie will provide (and I ain’t just talking about the artwork). During the heist, he’s hit on the head and suffers amnesia, meaning he has no idea where he’s stashed the painting. Cue Vincent Cassel’s gang getting understandably pissed off. There’s some hypnotherapy, a lot of violence, and a lot of neon colors. That’s code for: I don’t know how I feel about it, but I’ll still likely end up going to see it.

Here’s the trailer:

What do you think? It seems a lot darker and heavier than the quirky Art Heist stories I’ve been posting. Maybe there’s a much seedier underside to all these stories I just never thought about? The movie will have a limited release in early April. Will you see it?

7 thoughts on “Art Heist

  1. Hmmm… I love a good caper movie (as well you know), but dark and seedy doesn’t entirely appeal to me, nor does neon. I may need to await your review. I feel sure you’ll review it for us, yes?

  2. i quite like danny boyle and i can handle grittiness and darkness and even neon if it’s all done right. the trailer is throwing me off a bit though. it looks a bit gratuitous rather than truly gritty film-making and it’s a pet peeve of mine when therapists sleep with their patients in movies – but it’s probably difficult not to when you look like james mcavoy and rosario dawson. but, yes, of course i will see it. now i need to know where he hid that painting.

  3. i do rather like a bit of James McAvoy, but am on the fence with this one! but who knows, i have a 28 hour flight coming up so could be a goer afterall! ;)

  4. The opening of the trailer totally threw me off. It started off light with happy music. I was expecting heavy right from the jump. Rest assured, heavy (and dark) set in right after, and it all looks pretty intriguing. I do like Danny Boyles’ work – I saw Trainspotting a handful of times when it was in the theaters – and the actors in this movie up the interest, for sure. Stupid question: Where have I seen Vincent Cassel before? Gosh, it’s going to bug me now.
    PS~Don’t know why it never occurred to me to get an Emerson sweatshirt. Great idea!

  5. I might go and see this movie, it looks like something P would enjoy. And who can resist the voice and face of James McAvoy? It looks like it will have some twists involving the hypnotherapy. I have never been hypnotized and want to keep it that way, it somehow scares me that you might not be fully in control of yourself during a session…

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