Tuesday Tunes

The first Tuesday Tunes of the New Year is a song I’ve been playing non-stop for weeks, thanks to a mix CD my friend Herbie made for my birthday. Remember the Matt & Kim debacle? After that, Herbie decided it was high-time to educate my clueless self on all the awesome music out there I am completely oblivious to. On my birthday, he handed me a CD full of songs from bands like Yeasayer, Fleet Foxes, The Antlers, Frightened Rabbit, Grizzly Bear (so many animals!), James Blake, and Bon Iver, among others.


Herbie is insanely more musically  with-it than I am. My favorite track on the whole thing was the first one, “Hanging On” by Active Child (White Sea Remix). You’ll see why:


I mean, right? Try to listen to it just once. So needless to say the CD is a total gem and I owe Herbie a debt of gratitude now, because I finally feel like a Cool Kid who listens to more than George Michael. Or like a 17 year old that read their first Bukowski or Sartre and think I’m agonizingly hip because I can name-drop my newfound knowledge in conversation. “You know that band Active Child? I totally dig their music.” AKA, one song. But it’s a start!

I love the people I work with. Christine, Brett, Maurin, Anthony, Sam, Carl, Evan, Herbie, Hunter, Anna, Aisling, Audrey, Luke, Rich. They make the day worth it for me, I can go to work and know I’ll have a good time because of them. They’re more than just co-workers. That’s why I need you all to keep our co-worker and friend Dave in your thoughts and prayers. He really needs them.

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

  1. Holding you all in the light, duckie. Since I woke Callum up to the Bright and Happy Pop station on Songza this morning, I clearly need a re-boot. Forward more song names, please. ;) XOXO

  2. Oh my God – how awful for your friend and his family! I cannot imagine what they must be going through. I really hope he pulls through. xo

  3. I am so sorry what a terrible thing to happen. I will certainly keep him in my thoughts, now that I have seen that sweet looking face I am sure it is going to be popping up in my head over and over – I will make a little wish each time it does. xoxoxoxoxoxo

    Wow, now I feel old or lame or both maybe, I ain’t never heard of any of them bands. But I like what you shared. You know it kind of has a George Michael vibe to it. George meets Aha meets Air.

  4. I need some Herbie-tutelage!! I know NONE of that…are any of those bands country? haha

    We all love you too and it will be fabulous when Dave can see and hear about all of the support he’s getting! <3

  5. Commented…and then read the article link. Oh my gosh. What a horrific thing to happen. Definitely keeping all of them in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. First, can you tell your friend Herbie to get on 8tracks. I will follow him, for certain. Great song.
    Second, and most important, I’m so sorry to hear this very sad news about your friend. My heart goes out to him and his family. It sounds like he’s surrounded by so much love right now. Keep each other close. x

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