My Inner French Girl

It’s too early in the year to already have a Friday Five; I’ve been too concerned with remembering to write “13” instead of “12” on everything I save at work to have had my eye on five other things. Unfortunately, thanks to back to back holidays (and holiday weekends of laziness and time spent with friends) I haven’t had time to write, either. I’m at a standstill, but I plan on getting back to business this weekend. In a big way. I’m close to hitting 20k words, which means I might get to finally pop open the bottle of Rosé I bought for New Year’s Eve but never drank because I’m an old lady. If this little landmark isn’t cause for celebration, I don’t know what is. I’m getting ahead of myself.

But to really set the mood, I wanted to do another My Inner French Girl post. I’ve shown you Sylvie and Andrés, but today we’re back to Mirette (though I do have one in the works for her best friend, Sophie). It’s after Christmas, and Mirette is taking advantage of the the gallery’s winter hours to spend her morning at the Ladurée Rue Royal (the prettiest one) having thé et macarons. She has “merci” cards to write (they might look familiar) for generous Christmas gifts, but she mostly just wants some quiet time to herself to read and be annoyingly chic.


1. Top / 2. Scarf / 3. Cape / 4. Lip Balm / 5. Watch / 6. Pants / 7. Bag / 8. Flats / 9. Merci Cards / 10. Book

The possibility of being able to wear cropped pants and open ballet flats in the beginning of January is a stretch, I admit. And I’m running of stereotypes anyway, but the whole outfit is just so classically “Parisian” I couldn’t help myself. I just ordered that book, “Haussmann, Or the Distinction,” an historical fiction of Baron Haussmann’s renovation of Paris to what we know today (pale stone buildings, zinc roofs, giant wooden doors) in the mid 1800s and a scandalous affair. Imagine my delight when I said, “You know, I’d really love to read an historical fiction account of the transformation of Paris,” (not even shy about my dork-dom) and then viola, there just so happens to be one. The list of books I have to read is growing massively; Boyfriend bought me all of these for Christmas, too.

With this post, I’ve officially blogged for an entire week about Paris related things. Grande victoire. What are you up to this weekend, kiddos? Tea at Ladurée, perhaps?

13 thoughts on “My Inner French Girl


    In other news, I can’t rock those cape/shawl thingies, but aren’t they so chic? My list if books grows too, but I might need to add that one too it. You’ll have to let me know what you think. XO

  2. i agree with lauren, i love the tote. i saw one similar not too long ago but it was at the $400 mark so i had to sadly part ways, but this one is a steal! and that is my favorite tinted lip balm! i didn’t know they still made it because the last couple times i went into sephora it was gone; that’s even the same color i buy. that book sounds really good, after reading devil in the white city, i am always on the hunt for a good historial fiction. i am gong to have to put this one on my list. oh, and you got all those books! you will have to share what you think of them.

    definitely break out the rosé when you hit your 20 thousand mark, it seems like just yesterday you were at 10,000 words!

  3. I love most that she carries a baguette everywhere with her, just in case people aren’t sure whether she’s french or not.

    I wish i could wear ballet flats and cropped trouser but sadly not. I’m going to Paris in two weeks. Did I tell you that?!

  4. Pshaawwww, I wore ballet flats the entire time in Paris (winter, too). It doesn’t get THAT cold there! And take it from me, snow boots are NOT CHIC. (grumble)

    Also, Hausmannian buildings are really neat! I hope the book explains about how there’s normally 7 stories, and a balcony/window/balcony rule (or something? Maybe I made that up?) and how roofs have to be 45 degree mansards etc, etc. I remember learning that at some point. Maybe I didn’t? Maybe I am making everything up? Maybe I have been staring at my computer screen too long today?


  5. Annie took the words right out of my mind… I love that she’s always got a baguette, good call I say cos you never know when you will get a little peckish. There’d be a bite mark out of one end if I was carrying it around with me :-)

    You have a good boyfriend buying you all those books, he really is getting with the Paris groove. What is boyfriend’s name in French? Pointless question I know, but it came to mind!

    This weekend I shall be mostly pottering in the garden, doing housework and cooking a family lunch on Sunday. Have a great one doll x

    p.s. I’m going to Paris in 2 weeks too :-)

  6. as one particularly, naturally ‘slim’ stylist would say “i die”… that cape… those ballet flats… & that bag! :)

  7. Oh, la la another one of Mirettes chic outfits. I am with Lauren and Christine and absolutely love the tote bag. When I saw that it is from Zara and more than affordable I will now have to order it once I get home. Maybe I will carry around a baguette in it just to be prepared for sudden carb cravings. And of course you should toast hitting 20k words with that bottle of rosé! Have an awesome weekend! I have no plans for the weekend and feel just fine about it ;)

  8. I’m kinda freaking out this scarf….I don’t own a polka dot scarf….How is this even possible??!?!

    You’re making me want to go to Paris so badly right now!! One day, one day.

  9. I’m so glad that you posted those cute merci cards because it totally reminded me that I have Thank You notes to write and send! What would I do without your chic inner French girl?

  10. Very chic!
    Boyfriend just won the “Best Boyfriend” award for all those books! Between all those amazing reads and working on your own writing (20K woot!), I suspect you’re in for a literary conundrum. ;) I also suspect that this very outfit is in your luggage for Paris, or it should be.
    Half of the weekend will be spent finishing up our four day trip to Mammoth (snowboarding!) and the other half will be spent trying to re-engage/get back on the grid. Wish me luck. x

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