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Today is one of those “pardon my brevity days” where I’m more content posting a small moodboard that sums up how I’m feeling, rather than inundating you with words. I’ve been reading voraciously, and last night I finished “The Disappearance at Pere-Lachaise” (from this amazing series) and started “Haussmann, or The Distinction.” So far, it’s amazing. There are jobs where you just read books all day, right? Publishing houses need people to do that, don’t they? I would be content with that. Also, a nice soak in a floral bath.

How are you today?

8 thoughts on “Moody

  1. I want the ‘reading all day’ job too – I swear I’d be good at it! I’ve got a set of pictures that matches your mood exactly – I’ll post them on my blog hopefully later today.

  2. I always thought that I could be happy being an editor or proof reader for a book publishing company. But what I feared is that if I got paid to read books as my job, that I wouldn’t want to read books for my own personal pleasure anymore…

  3. such pretty images. i love the top one it almost looks like a renaissance floral painting. so you like that book series . . . i will have to get one of them soon. i love the covers on them.

    today i am going to lay around and finish up season two of sherlock and tend to sick children and my sick self. xo

  4. Love, love that first photo. You know I share your love for moody. (Note to self: Take more baths. With rose petals.) I very much want the job you describe above. Do you know Erin (of Such Small Steps)? She kind of has that job.
    PS~Today was a good day. ;)

  5. Well, they do say that the second something becomes your job, you stop enjoying it but I can’t imagine ever not enjoying sitting down to a good book. I just loved that picture of the rose petal bath – seriously need to be doing more of that!

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