Let’s Try This Again, Shall We?

Remember my 2012 attempt at a 365 Project? I’m starting it again! So far I’m 1/1, which is a great way to kick things off. Last year I burnt out halfway through and only lasted to June 30th. But now it’s a new year and I’m giving it another valiant effort. I know it will be difficult (it was last year on top of blogging every day here and working full-time, wah, wah, First World Problems) and I’m hoping I won’t be thrown off track or lose steam. I’m adopting a new mentality about the whole thing though, because last year it started to feel like an onerous chore after 6 months, and I won’t let myself feel guilty about missing a day or capturing a shot with my phone if need be. No pressure, no rules, no stress. It’s photography, after all. It’s supposed to be fun.

Anyone else giving it a shot this year? Photography pun!

29 thoughts on “Let’s Try This Again, Shall We?

  1. ok, so i’m joining you on this one… i think i’ll probably forget to do it more often than i remember to… so… i’m gonna say you’ll beat me hands down on this one! ;)

    1. No pressure, no stress! Do what you can! I think it’s more realistic to miss a few days than to pursue a full 365 if your heart’s not in it. Let’s tackle it together! xo

  2. Yes. I’m in. Yesterday’s shots are still on my camera, but I have plans for today’s shots, so WINNING. I need to figure out how to catalog all these pictures (my blog, 365.org, separate blog, keep them to myself?), and like you, be willing to cut myself some freaking slack. So you, Sue and I are gonna keep each other going, right? RIGHT???

    1. There’s an episode of South Park where they send Butters to a Pray the Gay Away camp and everyone is assigned an “accountabili-buddy.” You guys are officially my “accountabili-buddies” !! Yay! We got this. xo

  3. I keep thinking about this one . . . I am sure I do take at least a photo everyday. I would just need to think how I want to store/showcase/catalog them. Decisions, decisions! I really love the photos you shared, that one of the pool makes me dream of warmer weather.

    1. That definitely was a nice and toasty day! Mid-June, I believe, at my brother’s new pool. Seems like a million years ago but it was only 6 months! Crazy!

      I’ve seen people do the 365 Project through their Instagram, which makes it way easier! Whatever works for you, the main goal is to have fun without feeling the pressure. You should jump on the bandwagon! xoxo

  4. I definitely feel like my life isn’t interesting enough for a 365 project! I may be busy with classes, work, and planning a wedding, but for me, my life is quite routine! I hope you accomplish it! Who knows, maybe your success will inspire me to attempt it next year!

    1. Whoa whoa, I don’t want to be liable for false advertising, so let’s just clear the air that my life is “interesting” enough to document every day. It’s totally not! Maybe that’s why I had such a problem with it last year? Haha. The cool thing was that picking up my camera everyday got me in a good rhythm for seeing “photographable moments” in the mundane and ordinary. xoxo

  5. I think I will be joining you for this one too! I think it’s a great idea to create a photo diary of sorts to document your year. I might just end up taking pictures of the random things I have to endure on the tube everyday but I think it could be fun! Happy New Year to you Erin!

    1. That would be a fascinating series, Meghan! I’d love to see a daily shot from the tube. I bet there is no shortage of material there for you! I’m so excited you’ll be joining along! Happy shooting! xo

  6. Oh well if we’re counting iphone and instagram I think I actually did 365 last year or near enough!

    May I be so rude as to put in a suggestion? It would be much easier to have it in the main post rather than separately so there’s only one place to go to each day!

    1. Instagram totally counts! Whatever makes it easiest for you, if you want to play along. And I appreciate the suggestion, Bird, you know I do, but I think I’ll keep it separate as it’s own page. That way, no one feels obligated to follow along or sort through the photos to get to my posts here. Plus, you don’t have to worry about checking everyday, you can click over whenever you remember/feel like and see a bunch in one fell swoop. I don’t want to inundate people who aren’t interested in the project, you know? But you’re a doll for suggesting! xoxo

  7. Exactly, no pressure at all. You have so much more that you have committed to. Just go with the flow and we will enjoy it, however much or little you photograph.

    For me, blogging has felt like an onerous chore over the last couple of months but you probably noticed!
    I’m suffering from overthinking it x

    1. No pressure, no pressure, no pressure. Trying to drill that into my brain! I should parrot back your own advice to you, so you don’t feel bad about not blogging! Just go with the flow, darling. There are more important things in life than blogging and it seems you have been having a ton of fun off-line! Miss you, xoxo

    1. Happy 2013, Santa!! Thanks for following along. How long do you think I’ll last this year?? xo

  8. I’m out! I went further than you did last year and I’m not trying it ever again! Too much pressure. Everything went well until I tore cartilage in my wrist…probably from carrying the heavy Nikon and lens!!(self diagnosis here!)

    1. If you carried your camera on your shoulder like a normal person instead of carrying it in a reusable grocery bag…oops, now I’ve given potential thieves all of your secrets! You did a lot better than I did last year, but yeah, the pressure just got to be too much! xo

  9. I was thinking about taking a photo of my outfit every day because that way I would be forced not to wear the same things over and over again, although I own tons of clothes but I still feel like I have nothing to wear sometimes. Goal would be to sort out the things I do not wear at the end of the year. Not sure if I’ll start this little project, it already feels like too much work ;)

    1. That is SUCH a good idea, Nina! What a clever interpretation of the project. That makes it so much more interesting! Plus you’d have a catalog of everything you wore for an entire year! And since we all know outfits are tied to the memories of what you did while you were wearing them, it would be a great way to have a “year in review.” I’m so excited at the prospect, I hope you undertake it! xoxo

  10. Hurray for the return of the 365. It sounds SO tempting. Perhaps it would help me get my mojo back. Hm, maybe you guys should start a hashtag for the project, if you’re planning to share on IG or Twitter. That way the photos could all live together in one space in addition to each of your respective blogs. Anyhoo, I’m looking forward to following along.

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