Happy Birthday, Fitz!



Somebody had a birthday yesterday! Fitz turned a whopping 2 years old on January 6th, which should mean that all of his puppy-tendencies expired with his newfound maturity, but this is Fitz we’re talking about; he’ll be a puppy his entire life. The day was pretty much like any other day for him, only he got extra cuddles and loads of treats, and the special privilege of being able to lay on the bed in the morning while we slept in. My little stinker is TWO, I can’t believe it.

When I first brought him home, I had no idea what I was getting into. Let me just state for the record that shelter rescues are a ton of work, but the reward is completely worth it. Sure, he’s crazy (and I have a prescription to prove it) but he’s also a total snugglesaurus rex and painfully adorable and funny. Seriously, he does something ridiculous that makes me crack up on a daily basis. Happy birthday, Fitzwater!

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  1. Oh Fitz! Happy Birthday!

    Well, you know in dog years he is a teenager. So he might still be a little moody and rebellious. But boys are easier than girls, or so I hear (I actually think that is true, but boys DO cry – the rumor that they don’t is not true). Give Fitz an belated treat for me and a little scratch under his chin or a good belly rub. xo

    1. He’s got the whiny thing down to a science so far, which makes me sort of terrified to experience his teenage angst! I gave him lots of extra lovin from you guys, now he feels even more spoiled. xo

  2. Awww! Happy belated birthday, Fitzie!!!

    I think it’s so funny that Annie once said that he looks like Morgan Freeman but I do think he’s waaay cuter – Fitz, I mean. :D x

    P.S. Love his little birthday cookie, by the way. :)

    1. Morgan Freeman! Hahahahaha. I don’t see that at all. He’s too dopey and silly to be him. And yeah, he’s way cuter anyway! xo

  3. Oh love him what a fab photo :)

    give him a birthday kiss from me.

    PS does he smell? I’m trying to persuade R that we need a dog but we stayed with some friends over New Year and they have a border terrier and she STANK. I don’t a stinky dog but is it possible to get a dog that doesn’t smell of dirty carpets? Just wondering…

    1. I gave him extra kisses, just to make sure none got lost in transit ;)

      All dogs smell if you don’t bathe them and let them be gross and roll around in the mud! We’re lucky, city living isn’t conducive to more than just quick walks on concrete, so he’s not picking up any weird stinky smells or anything. We have to bathe him once a month-ish, but you can pay a groomer to do it for you, too. I HATE sour dog smell, and I’m always making sure he doesn’t smell, our couch doesn’t smell, our rugs don’t smell, etc etc. We vacuum a lot to keep up on it, too. I’m probably a bit overly neurotic with it, but I don’t want someone to come over and have the experience you just had at your friend’s house! xo

  4. Happy Birthday Fitz! What a great day you had you crazy little man! I have to concur with everything Christine said about teenaged boys. Give him a good ear rub from all of us and a good game of tug from Lucy, Thea, and Violet.

    And Annie, dog stink is very dog dependent. And bath dependent. Our three need baths, for sure. :)

    1. I would love for our pups to meet one day! I’d have to double up on Fitz’s Prozac, though, haha. I’m sure he’d be on his best behavior for those 3 fine ladies!

      I concur with what you said. Humans would stink too if we didn’t take steps to prevent it! Basic cleanliness goes a long way! xo

  5. Well, happy birthday, Fitz! With your crazy, crackhead lifestyle it’s amazing you made it to 14 years of age. Goes to show, mama is taking good care of you.

    1. Hahahahaha, you crack me up. He’s quite the loon, isn’t he? I must be doing something right!! xoxo

    1. We can only hope, Rooth. I hope he stops picking up garbage from the street on our walks, personally. xo

    1. Wow! That’s a long way from here, Fitz says thank you for sending him birthday wishes that far! xo

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