Friday Five

Everyone and their mother is complaining about the cold weather here on the east coast, with good reason, so let me add my name to the list: IT’S COLD. The high the last few days has been in the teens, which I know will garner absolutely no sympathy from Süsk, who’s currently holed up in the negative temps of Helsinki and still managing to look fabulous in spite of it. Not all of us are so lucky, and I end up looking like a burrito of sadness most of the time.

This week’s Friday Five is looking ahead a few months to, what else, my next trip to Paris!


1. Beauty Elixir / 2. Flats / 3. Candle / 4. Pouch / 5. Foot stool

In addition to having a list of things I need to wear/bring to Paris already planned out, I also have a list of things I want to buy while I’m there. That’s not weird. A new Diptyque from the flagship store (or maybe that macaron scented candle? Best of both worlds!), as well as an arsenal of beauty products from one of the incredible pharmacies around the city. I’ll be stocking up on Bioderma make-up remover, Roger & Gallet Rose body lotion, and this facial elixir magic spray by Caudalie. Sure, it’s available in the states now, but I’m still going to wait until I get there to buy it, because obviously. It’s inspired by the Queen of Hungary’s elixir of youth, or something, but I’m just excited to make my face smell pretty. Sorry, jolie.

And while it might be too cold in March to wear them, I’ve been eyeing a new pair of ballet flats in nude ever since seeing this photo from Paris in Four Months. Also, can we talk about that blog for a second? I have to limit my exposure to it for fear of passing out from joy. I love ballet flats, and Bloch really does them best. I can see myself putting my feet up on that adorable little footstool in my guest room. I just got a $10 off coupon for it, so that means I have to buy it, right?

Is it insane to spend $70 on a pouch to carry around your chapstick and cell phone? Perhaps, right? What if it was printed in my favorite Marc Jacobs pattern? Still no? SHUT UP, let me do what I want. I probably won’t buy  it, because it’s insane, even for me. That little 5″ nylon pouch costs more than the ottoman, and only a little less than the shoes. Good grief.

Boyfriend is leaving for India tomorrow night (BOOOO), so we’ll be making the most of our short weekend and having dinner at our favorite Italian place tonight and going to the Academy of Natural Sciences tomorrow. I’m looking forward to giant, ugly sweatpants, cereal for dinner, and lots of trashy tv in his absence. And that’s where the list ends. Have a great weekend, kiddos! What are you up to?

20 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. I’ve been craving ballet flats lately. I’m not ready for spring yet. I could use another dose of snow to make up for the one I’m going to miss, but I do shoes SO MUCH BETTER in the spring and summer than i do in the winter. And those flats? Sublime. Also, I want some of that face spray, stat.

    1. I love my fall boots more than any other seasonal footwear. Although I did find a pair of sandals last summer that I absolutely loved and could have lived in forever, so maybe I like summer shoes too? All I know is I need those ballet flats, stat! To quote you :) xoxo

  2. love caudalie products… i use the facial cleanser &, when i can afford/justify it, the serum… ballet flats also a must have! as for the pouch thing… ouch! we’re off for a date night dinner too… thai… yum… then some catch-ups this w/end & les mis tomorrow night! noice… enjoy la weekend!

    1. Your weekend sounds lovely! Hope it was. We only just got Caudalie products in the states recently; I hate how behind we are! How do you like the cleanser? I might go crazy and buy everything while I’m there, haha. xoxo

  3. I have never heard about Caudalie products but it sounds intriguing,. Elixir of youth? Sign me up! Since I mostly wear flat shoes I love ballet flats, I could get one in every color. That little pouch is cute but the price isn’t. Maybe the pouch is something you can wish for for your birthday? I snatched the silver MJ bag for the Target Neiman Marcus line on clearance and love to have something in my large bags for small items that might get lost in the bag otherwise. Tomorrow I will be going snowboarding again and on Sunday I want to have a relaxing day on the couch, I’ve been looking forward to the weekend since Monday…Have a great weekend!

    1. I definitely dropped a not-so-subtle hint to Boyfriend about that pouch for Valentine’s Day, haha. I do love the convenience of having small essentials in one easy place to find in a giant tote bag! I only wear flats as well, since I’m a mess in anything with a heel, but somehow my ballet flat collection isn’t up to snuff. Definitely have to change that! Hope you had a fantastic time snowboarding and aren’t too sore today! xoxo

  4. save that 70 dollars for some macarons while you are in paris. not that i don’t like i do but what i really love are those ballet flats and the photo of those ballet flats and it evokes all sorts of wonder and wishes in my brain. like i wish my feet got tan like that, i wish i was in paris, (i seriously need to start exercising), i HAVE to fulfill my lifelong wish to move to france someday, i wonder what i will do with my stuff, i wonder how many airline miles i have?” and it can go on and on. i also really love “burrito of sadness.” funny.

    my weekend will be a lot like most of my other ones, working & (bad) tv watching interspersed with a few outings here and there. hope yours is loverly, i happen to think it sounds like it will be. xoxo

    1. Ohh, the never-ending questions/wishes game. My brain plays that all day. “What if I moved to Paris? How would Fitz get there? Who would watch my apartment? What would I do for work? What about health insurance?” etc etc. It’s a slippery slope :) I’ll start small and order the ballet flats and hope that my brain doesn’t go into overdrive in the process, haha. We could each get a pair and be shoe twins!

      Hope your weekend was lovely, too. I didn’t watch too much bad tv! Did you? xoxo

    1. Haha, neither did we. :( We had such big plans and ended up lazing around the house until lunch time. Oh well! Thankfully we only live a 20 minute walk from it, so we can go when he gets back. I haven’t been in years! xoxo

    1. Those ballet flats seem to have a special magic about them; everyone falls in love with them! xoxo

  5. God I miss ballerinas. Wearing men’s lumberjack boots is getting old. It’s like having giant hams strapped to my already-massive feet. Hrrrng. And I’ll say it again- I’m pretty sure flats in March will be fine! Unless, er, you’re not like me (I never get cold feet). Shall I mention here that I wore flats for New Years Eve? And walked to the train and home in them? In -9? The only down side was the wet- the cold was bearable. I’ll probably not do that again though. But come on! New Years? Winter boots? Fuh!

    Also thanks for the winter style shout out. We’ve been invited to a Finnish summer cabin next weekend with no heat or water. Let’s see how stylish I look in my bubble snow pants and fleece long johns (x 3) and non-showering greezeball hair. I’m hoping I can smuggle a dry shampoo up there…

    1. Haha, my feet are ALWAYS cold. Always. Even with wool socks. Except in the summer, when they are all sweaty and super attractive. I might just heed your advice and buy them anyway and bring them just in case. You never know! I can’t believe you wore them in -9. The other day it was 14 here and I was wearing tights, wool socks, and boots and my toes still froze to the point that I couldn’t feel them. Hmm. Maybe I’ll stick to boots (fashion boots!) in March…haha.

      Are you sure by “Finnish summer cabin” you don’t mean “prison”? Because no heat/water sounds like torture to me! And psh, I’m sure even with dry shampoo’d hair and giant pants you’ll still look fab. xoxo

  6. I love that pouch. Well, I love pouches in general right now. When I don’t want to lug around a full-on purse, I stick all my essentials in a pouch and I’m out the door. It must have something to do with all those years of carrying a huge diaper bag around, and now I’m reveling in the fact that I can carry something so dainty. So, my vote is to get it. Did I help or hinder?
    I haven’t heard of Claudine. Though, it must be good if it gets your approval. As well as the lovely ballet flats – The leather looks so supple.
    Well, by the time you read this, BF is probably on his way to India. Indulge in all your wonderful guilty pleasures and before you know it he’ll be back. x

    1. Haha, I love your encouragement! I think I’m going to hold off and hope BF took the hint I dropped and somehow Cupid brings it for me in a few weeks ;) So sorry, so spoiled. The only reason I’m looking at it is because that Zara tote I bought a few weeks ago has no interior pockets, which is annoying when you’re trying to find chapstick or a bandaid without panicking. Otherwise the bag is perfect!

      Yep, BF landed in India almost 24 hours after he took off on Saturday night, and now the countdown begins! I’m hoping Style Network brings back Made in Chelsea, it seems to have disappeared from their programming! The horror :) xoxo

  7. I totally get the burrito of sadness. I feel like I have been that little burrito for well over 3 months ago and there is no end in sight. I think you should save that $70 and take it to Paris with you, you will no doubt find something more fabulous to spend it on. Here’s hoping that the cold weather in Europe subsides so that you can enjoy your ballet flats when you get there!

    1. The burrito of sadness is so poignant and accurate right now! Though 3 months sounds brutal. Our winter only just started, we had such a mild end of the year. But yes, I’m hoping that March brings balmy temps to the continent so I don’t freeze on vacation :) xoxo

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