Two of a Kind

I totally had a Godfather moment with this post: “Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in!” The “they” in this case is of course Two of a Kind and seriously, whenever I think that I’ve reached my limit and there are no more random pairings out there to be found, some magic blogging power prevails and voila! I’m back in.

1. Clutch / 2. Pillow / 3. Tote / 4. Pillow

Surprising absolutely no one, I apparently have an affinity for pillows and purses. Have I ever explained how this process works for me, gathering these pairs? I start with 15 open browser windows, pointed to sites where I’m familiar with the inventory (Net a Porter, Zara, Zara Home, Kate Spade, H&M, CB2, etc etc) and then I just…look. Look and look and look and compare everything against the extensive andĀ unfortunateĀ mental rolodex I’ve amassed. “Oh, that pillow looks like a Kate Spade tote” and “Didn’t Jonathan Adler have a whole line of pillows with punctuation on them?” You know, super worthwhile uses of my time. The upside is that this one came so easily I was able to cross another word-count milestone last night: 13,023.

28 thoughts on “Two of a Kind

  1. wow, you have unlocked a serious flood gate of novel writing in you lately. didn’t you just have 10,000 words the other day? the beginning (i imagine) must be the most difficult part because you are setting everything up. so how many words does a novel typically have anyway? i have never thought about that before. ps that clutch is crazy ; ) xo

    1. I did! Total floodgate situation, haha. I crossed the 10 and 11k marks on Sunday, and then the 13k mark last night. I’m reading a book on writing right now (I’ll probably review it this week!) that said the 1st draft is the “down” draft: you just get it all down. No one is going to see it, so just get it down even if it’s ugly prose and not exactly what you want. The 2nd draft is the “up” draft: you clean it up. My friend Iain reiterated the same thing, that the book is basically written in the rewrites, so just get something down to work with. So, that’s what I’m doing! I’m bleary eyed and my poor pup is feeling neglected, but it’s happening! xoxo

      1. seems to be the same with most things, right? you just have to start somewhere… well done, nothing stopping you now!

        1. It’s true! It’s just like any other huge and daunting task. You have to roll up your sleeves and just do it! It’s not going to write itself, after all. xo

        1. Oh my god, it would be completely impossible. I don’t think there is a single author in the entire world who can claim they got it right on the first draft. Even the Bible had rewrites!

          You’ll get a first edition signed copy, my love. xo

  2. Yes I was wondering that too – how many words are you aiming for?

    You have surpassed yourself this time – those question marks are as similar as peas in a pod.

    1. Average novels are between 80-110k. Obviously there are much longer ones, but it can’t be much shorter and still be considered a novel. But there is no definitive answer; the book is done when it’s done, you know? I have 25 pages, 13k words, but I am no where near being done. The story is maybe 1/4 of the way told at best, and it’s completely non-linear at this point. Baby steps, though. xo

  3. Oh, wow the words are pouring out of you right now! Congrats on another 3000+ words. I sometimes have a hard time writing only 250-300 word for one of my blog posts ;) Keep the creative juices flowing! The bag and the pillow with the question mark are awesome, not so sure about practicality with the bag in daily life though…

    1. Haha, thanks Nina! I’m definitely finding that the more I write off-line the less I can scrounge up for my own blog posts, too. You’re not alone :)
      And yeah, neither bag seems super practical. The clutch is cute, but not for everyday use, and the tote bag has no closure at the top, which is just impractical for walking around a major city and using public transit. Still cute though! xo

  4. So exciting to see you on such a roll, doll face! It’s such a thrilling time, isn’t it. I’m not sure how I feel about any of these two of a kinds ;), but I lovelovelove the space you’re in right now and I love YOU! xo

    1. I love YOU, and I love where I’m at right now too (every time I try to type the word “right” I end up with “write” ha!) and knew you’d be especially proud of me for chugging along like the little engine that could :) You’re still going to be my editor, right? Right. xoxo

    1. Ha! It DOES seem like an old school Joker prop, good catch! What a blast from the past! And thanks, sweet girl! xo

  5. You truly are on a roll, well done gal x Both pillows (cushions) tick the boxes for me. Welcome back Two of A Kind, you’ve been missed! xx

    1. I debated referring to them as cushions, to cater to my across-the-pond friends ;) I wonder why we call them pillows and you lot call them cushions? I’m partial to cushions, I think. Two of a Kind did take a long hiatus! It’s happy to be back :) xo

  6. Oh, the pillow! One day I will own a proper Jonathan Adler pillow.
    I liked reading about the process you use to discover these two of kinds. It’s the same process I use to do any outfit or roundup post – I look and look and look. There’s a lot of work hidden under these posts. ;) Congratulations on reaching 13, 023! You’re on a roll, Erin.

    1. Sigh, when you finally bite the bullet and get a JA pillow, can I have one too?? They are the best. Haha I wish there were a more step-by-step process other than “look and look and look” but that’s really how I do it! Glad to see my methods aren’t crazy and that you do the same thing!

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