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Last night was my first weekly French class and holy merde, it was l’intense. That’s not the right word at all, in fact I don’t even know if that’s a real word but I’d bet that it’s not. I’ll find out over the course of the next 10 weeks, won’t I? The class is small, just 6 of us total, and the teacher, Rachel, is the same woman from the second half of the Immersion class I took a few weeks ago. It was 2 solid hours of all French. We dove right into the passé composé and futur tenses, and were even chided firmly for answering in English or in incomplete sentences. Rachel is a big proponent of not coddling us or starting off easy; she said she’s not going to hold our hands through this, which is good, that isn’t what I want. I want to one day be fluent and that isn’t going to happen if someone doesn’t take crack le whip, so to speak.

I will toot my own horn here for a second and say that I understood everything that Rachel was saying, even if I couldn’t formulate responses without a hot flash of panic flooding over me (we even learned the word for feeling overwhelmed or filled to the brim: débordé). At one point, she asked me a question, and I answered en Francais and it was like that moment in “A Fish Called Wanda” where (SPOILER ALERT) Ken realizes his stutter is gone. He looks bewildered at the sound of his own voice. C’est moi.

I got home late last night, way past my bedtime at the raging hour of 10pm, and got an adorable email from Christine (SPOLER ALERT: I’m guest-posting over at her blog today! Go check it out!) asking if I had any good French music recommendations for her. Aha, do I ever! I suggested Coralie Clement, and it reminded me how much I adore her music. Thus, awkward segue to today’s Tuesday Tunes:

I don’t have a clue what she’s saying (the only part I caught was “café crème,” French class is working!) but is she not just the cutest? Wearing vintage rollerskates and (??) an Amherst tee? The little shaker in the background and the sweet flute (piccolo? clarinet?) makes me so happy. And I mean, I’m sorry, I know it’s like The Way the World Works that all French women are naturally stunning and phenomenally more beautiful than their American counterparts, but come on. THIS:

IS JUST MEAN. I could style my hair for hours and it would never look that good.

So! To recap: I am in love with French class, and you should definitely run right this second over to Christine’s blog and check out my guest post. She was so sweet to have me! Thank you again, ma chérie!

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

  1. Good for you! You are totally putting me to shame – I’ve got nothing but time but nothing to show for it. I will start working on my Spanish grammar TODAY

  2. uh yeah, she is pretty. do you know how extra uncute i would look in shiny basketball short, tights, leggings, a sweatshirt and rollerskates?! ah, c’est la vie.

    thanks for the recommendation, i really like her. it’s perfect and just the mood i had in mind. you know me so well : ) thanks again for visiting my blog today, i adore it. mille braisers!!!

  3. You’re going to be fluent before you know it! Something else that would help is moving to Paris for a year. How amazing would that be?! I know, I’ll shut up now.
    Sweet song. I do like French music (MC Solar). I think we talked about this once. I’m also off to see your guest post! I’m excited to see what you’ve put together.
    PS~I want that just-got-out-of-bed hair. You’re right, so not fair.

  4. Hey! I caught the cafe creme part too! Go me. High school French and all that. One of my favorite Pandora stations is French Cafe music, which this is not, but still. I quite like. It feels like it gets a bit moody there towards the end, doesn’t it? I still remember on of the best parts of our French class in HS was learning a French pop song. We were so excited she let us learn something actually useful, you know?

    Now I’m off to read your post on Christine’s blog. I’m so overwhelmed today. It’s the only fun I get to have. Le sigh.

  5. You should totes move to Paris for a year. You’re so clever and brave! I wish I could speak French better. Well done lovely Erin! x

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