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Over the weekend, when I wasn’t busy crossing the 10,000 word-count milestone on my book, I came across a preview for a new HBO movie called “Picture Paris.” Julia Louis-Dreyfus stars as a woman going through a mid-life crisis and who decides to go to Paris. I don’t have to tell you how this resonated with me, right? The trailer is absolutely charming, but also fairly heartbreaking. You’re not supposed to cry in Paris, after all!

“Picture Paris” premiers (say that three times fast) on HBO on December 17th. Will you watch it?

That Monday will mark the second week of my French classes. I went on Friday after work to take another placement test, prepping in advance for what I thought would be another written assignment, similar to the one I took to be placed into the Immersion class a few weeks ago. Deux semaine, to be exact. But because life likes to prevent me from getting too cocky, this time it was an oral exam with a professor. I’ll pause to let you contemplate how much sweat my body produced during those 15 mintues out of sheer terror. I managed to hold my own, magically, and at the end la professeur me dit que j’ecoute tres bien, et ma comprehension est bien plus que les autres etudiants. Aka, I understood a lot more than I’m able to speak, which I knew was my problem. I get to skip 101 and 102, and move straight into French 103. Je suis trés excited. Classes start a week from today.

And in case I didn’t mention Paris enough times in this post: ParisParisParis.

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  1. Wow well done you! why are French oral exams the most terrifying thing in the world? scarier than public speaking. My problem is the opposite, I can’t understand but can speak it. I’m a firm believer in the power of vocabulary. Just use all the right nouns and you’ll be fine.

    PS I saw Gemma at the weekend and she totes wants to draw your map. She’s very excited. And apparently has recently drawn a map of Paris!

  2. I’m sorry, did you say something about Paris? Wait, what? I must have misunderstood.

    I’m totally impressed with your language abilities. I would lovelovelove to learn another language, but I’d totally be starting from scratch. Sigh. Wasted all those years in high school French, I did. Oh well. Callum has two years of mandatory Latin (which he loves, by the way), and then he gets to choose (but he very well may take a 3rd year of Latin in addition to another modern language because that’s the kind of kid he is!), and it’s SO fun to watch him flip flop over a decision that’s still years away! It would be hard not to sit in with him! Provided the seats are comfortable!

  3. Mais bien SUR you are better than the other etudients. Obviously! (I imagine them all the be like the last vignette in “Paris, Je T’aime” with the lonely older American woman speaking charming Amerifrench in the 14eme.) Does anyone in your class wear a bumbag?

    J’ai un chien…il s’appelle BUSTER!

    Je suis fiere de toi!

  4. that is what i will be doing in 14 years when – so of course i will be watching, i love paris, i love julia, i love hbo. i’m in. hopefully you will be living there by then though and i won’t have to cry at tables by myself of feel invisible to french waiters – because that’s probably exactly what would happen otherwise. and bon travail on your fantastic french skillz!

  5. Super impressed with your French! The only thing I know how to say is: can I please have 3 beers sir? I also know how to say haricot beans. Mad skillz I tell you! I am loving the sound of this movie… definitely something for a rainy Sunday afternoon!

  6. That is so very exciting that you maybe get to skip a few classes! I always get nervous, even after 5 years of studying French in college and highschool. No matter what, Parisians will always speak faster than me and will NEVER mistakenly say “le” instead of “la” like I always do. So no matter what, I am always nervous!

  7. That trailer was cute. That was always my problem with the French language – the “phlegm” pronunciations, for a lack of a better word. When I lived in Boston, I met a guy from Morocco whose name was French (he was also fluent in French) and his name had a phlegm sound in it. He was forever correcting me. ;)
    You leaping stages doesn’t at all surprise me. It’s a testament to how well versed you are in everything that is French. Go, Erin!

  8. First off, 10,000 words? Congratulations- that IS a milestone! Also a congrats on the bypassing 101 & 102. What’s French for “You got this”?

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