Picture Paris

Over the weekend, when I wasn’t busy crossing the 10,000 word-count milestone on my book, I came across a preview for a new HBO movie called “Picture Paris.” Julia Louis-Dreyfus stars as a woman going through a mid-life crisis and who decides to go to Paris. I don’t have to tell you how this resonated with me, right? The trailer is absolutely charming, but also fairly heartbreaking. You’re not supposed to cry in Paris, after all!

“Picture Paris” premiers (say that three times fast) on HBO on December 17th. Will you watch it?

That Monday will mark the second week of my French classes. I went on Friday after work to take another placement test, prepping in advance for what I thought would be another written assignment, similar to the one I took to be placed into the Immersion class a few weeks ago. Deux semaine, to be exact. But because life likes to prevent me from getting too cocky, this time it was an oral exam with a professor. I’ll pause to let you contemplate how much sweat my body produced during those 15 mintues out of sheer terror. I managed to hold my own, magically, and at the end la professeur me dit que j’ecoute tres bien, et ma comprehension est bien plus que les autres etudiants. Aka, I understood a lot more than I’m able to speak, which I knew was my problem. I get to skip 101 and 102, and move straight into French 103. Je suis trés excited. Classes start a week from today.

And in case I didn’t mention Paris enough times in this post: ParisParisParis.